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One big happy family~!

I am pleased to announce that Daria and I have adopted our friend the woolly bear caterpillar and duly christened him/her Ferdinand Fuzzy Isabella Sisyphus III. We thought it best to cover all of our gender bases. Fuzzy now resides in a tupperware on the porch, where he/she has the finest selection of leaves and grasses to choose from. We hope to someday soon upgrade Fuzzy's abode to a plastic terrarium.

Earlier today, curious about our friend Fuzzy, I turned to the ultimate authority- Wikipedia. The woolly bear caterpillar is the larva of the tiger moth, members of the family Arctiidae. Fuzzy is, I believe, Pyrrharctia isabella, or the banded woolly bear (adult, Isabella Tiger Moth). Upon learning that Fuzzy will not be pupating until spring, but will remain a caterpillar through the winter months (producing a cryoprotectant in its tissues... somewhere, Professor Yancey is smiling), I became concerned that Fuzzy had not eaten in several days. The Interwebs informed me that Fuzzy enjoys grasses and forbs, so I collected some grass and blackberry leaves and set them in Fuzzy's corner of the landing. Sure enough, Fuzzy ate some of each. I consulted with Daria on whether we should return Fuzzy to the wilds, leave Fuzzy in the hands of natural selection, or adopt Fuzzy as a pet. Well, you know the result already. I went out into the dark with my flashlight and tupperware to forage, then rescued Fuzzy from the dusty, confusing corner.

Pictures of Fuzzy will now wait until I can take one with good lighting, so Fuzzy isn't quite so blurry.
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