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I had to change my plurk name to "Steve No", so, Snowblind's going well

So, I failed out of mini-wrimo pretty quickly. When I signed up in October, I didn't know I was about to jump back into RPing, and my new game started on the same day and... yeah, I've basically had no interest in anything else. And technically it's writing, I'm writing so much every day in the game, but... RPing is not what I need help with. Mini-wrimo is supposed to help me with my prose fiction projects, and it's not doing that for me this year. I can't even bring myself to care, because oh my god this game is too much fun, why do anything else, ANYTHING. ELSE.

In RL stuff, beginning of the month was also my second anniversary with Forrest. We did a nice little day trip to Makalawena, which is a GORGEOUS but hard to get to beach in Kona. The following weekend we had a little getaway to a cabin in Kalopa State Park.

Last weekend was crazy busy with dancing, climaxing with THE Glenn Miller Orchestra and all of us Hep Cats showing up in force to teach and perform and be awesome on the dance floor. I got all dolled up in my new red dress and did my hairs and make-up all period and wore my cute vintage-style dance shoes and felt SO FABULOUS. Look! (I'm on the left.) And look again!

Again, mostly my energies have been wrapped up in Snowblind. I am having hella fun, these people are my people, by which I mean TERRIBLE PEOPLE, I've never felt so warmly welcomed so quickly in a game, and I'm constantly crying laughing in the Snowblind plurks, everything is shame boners and severed toes and how many snowbos can we cram into the shower at once, and also how can I murder my character today?

Today what had me crying laughing was this plurk thread; I've filed all the serial numbers off and done some minor editing and I hope they don't mind me reposting this without permission, but.

Honestly, this needs to be saved for posterity.

~ ~ ~

I had the stupidest regret last night as I was falling asleep that I didn't make Ginger's username "gingerbread"

I literally couldn't think of anything for her when I was making her intro LMFAO

awww good news, you can use that as a display name

and if she dies, you can change it to gingerdead

when shit gets spooky, gingerdread

when ginger accomplishes shit, she gets gingercred



clayton's trying to get her into gingerbed

oh mY GOD


maybe one day they'll get gingerwed

I hope stress doesn't make her hair fall out, or gingershed

or lose her gingerhead

if she can't find food soon she'll have to be gingerfed

you guys are killing me jfc

lay her on the snow and ride her down a slope: gingersled

don't do that, she'll catch a cold! then she'll need gingermeds

or if she gets cut and gingerbleds

always use protection so she's not gingerbred

if she and clayton marry they'll be gingerwed

then clayton would be a gingerdad

hopefully she isn't gingerled on

when she's on a skateboard she gingershreds



this plurk is why I need adults

good luck finding one of those here

Awww, it's not that gingerbad!

stop it i'm in the lab trying not to cry or make weird faces or noises

are you gingerdreading us posting more of them

you shouldn't because they're gingerRAD

this is the most fun I have ever gingerhad

me too but I'm also gingermad I don't have a tablet I can use to draw her with all her friends for the ic art meme 8(

i wanna act like i hate you all but tbh these puns make me gingerglad

~ ~ ~

So anyway, that's my life lately. What up, nerds?
Tags: dance, dancing, i love my awesome life, island life, letters from snowhell, my best guy forrest, picspam, plurk, rp, swing
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