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So last night I got hardly any sleep, because I stayed up late obsessing over finding out what people had to say about my grandpa, and then when I finally went to bed it was SO FREAKING HOT I had trouble falling asleep. Early morning was ok, if a bit emotionally turbulent... I Googled "thomas gill died" and clicked on all the links, and read all the articles from the Hawaii newspapers and the television news network websites, and looked at all the pictures, and watched the news clip from KGMB. And cried all over my breakfast. There were some really great photos, and stuff from my uncles' press conference, and lots of people had fantastic things to say about him, including Governor Lingle, Lt. Governor Aiona, and former Governor Cayetano. Even if Cayetano sounded a little like a moron. Sorry, Ben.

So then I ride the bus in quiet, peaceful melancholy. And then I get to work and EVERYTHING EXPLODES. I somehow managed to forget my badge, and had to go get a temporary one, which made me five minutes late to work. And I get on the phone lines, and I immediately get another one of those calls that is making me HATE Chrysler, and I proceed to get every type of technological glitch it is possible to have, including one that I merely hallucinated due to sleep dep and stress. Stress because of all of the above, plus in between taking phone calls I have to manage a headbees-related medical fucking emergency by TEXT MESSAGE, so now I'm sitting around waiting for my mom to call and tell me when the service is AND waiting for a text telling me I need to leave work and take someone's ass to the hospital. Neither of which happened.

Things quieted down a bit in the afternoon, but by the end of the day, I was EXHAUSTED.

And then I still had to consult with my mother several times about going home for the service, and consult with my present and distant friends to coordinate our weekend trip to the Coast, and pay all my (late) bills, and call my dad and tell him I'm alive and coming to Honolulu for Grandpa's service, and transfer money from savings to checking, and find and reserve flights to Honolulu for next week that aren't ass-raping expensive OR cause me to miss three whole days of work (I've got it down to two days and a schedule change), and eat dinner, and shower, and pack for the weekend trip to the Coast....

I really should be asleep now, but I needed to rant some. Tomorrow I will be operating on even less sleep. I will need to talk to like a bajillion people to coordinate my work schedule changes and missed days and how I'm gonna get to work on Tuesday and how I'm gonna get to the airport.

ANYWAY. The private, family-only service for Grandpa will be on Wednesday, June 10. His ashes will be interred at the National Memorial Cemetary of the Pacific at Punchbowl, as is his due as a veteran. The larger, public memorial will be held at a later date, a few weeks from now probably, to be determined when poor Granny feels less overwhelmed. I plan to work an early shift on Tuesday, fly over Tuesday evening, then fly out again Wednesday night, coming back to Portland Thursday midday, missing work on Wednesday and Thursday. My bosses had better be okay with that. I'll have to see if I can go to the other one. I want to. I hope it will be on a weekend.

So yeah. I should probably catch four hours of sleep now. Goodnight y'all.
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