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We'll carry on

Yeah, so not going to the Coast this weekend. Oh well. Some other time.

I just spent all morning reading more articles about my grandpa. Which got me sidetracked into other news. New Hampshire legalized gay marriage on the same day my grandfather died. This seems very fitting, considering his lifelong efforts for civil rights, and his recognition by PFLAG-Oahu for his contributions to gay rights in particular. I think he would've been pleased to hear this news. The number of states in which gay marriage is legal has doubled, WOOHOO!!! Slowly we turn the tide. Also, Barack Obama has named June 2009 "Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Pride Month", although it hasn't been widely advertised. Amusingly, most of the publicity is coming from the conservative Christians. ...I do wish Obama would take a stronger stand on the issue, but his attempt at moderation is unsurprising and understandable, if disappointing. It was the same with President Kennedy and the Civil Rights Act... few people know that he and Bobby's support of the legislation was lukewarm; my grandpa fought the Kennedys on the issue.

Also, how did I miss this the first time around? HILARIOUS. And, alarming. Biden makes a good point.

Completely unrelated, the barn swallows that were attempting to move into Chris' stairwell are now trying to do the same in ours. ...Unless it's a different pair. I just had to chase them off. I mean, they're gorgeous, and it's neat having resident wildlife, but... our stairwell is NOT a good place for them to live. Noise being just one of many reasons.
Tags: in mourning, teh gay, thomas gill, wtf barn swallows, youtube
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