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Just because I see through it doesn't mean it doesn't work

So on Friday I get called in to this meeting, and they tell me and a few other people that because we are just so freaking awesome on the phones, they're bumping us up to Multi-Case on Monday. See, before I was doing multi-case; now I'm doing Multi-Case. Before, I had several cases, and they would add more to my queue every few days, maxing out at a little more than 15 by last Friday. Now I could get a call on any case, theoretically... that's like, 125+... without training. This upgrade in responsibility, unfortunately, does not come with an upgrade in pay. Ah, the life of a temp. Le sigh. They try to sucker us into this by inflating our egos. Among other things, Vince told us we are "the elite." ...IT TOTALLY WORKS. I can't help it that the fact that I'm apparently hella freaking good at my job, and at every job I've ever had (people keep using words like "responsible", "intelligent", and "best"), makes me extremely pleased with myself. ...And anyway, as Vince also pointed out, and as I'd figured out earlier, we've got better job security, and even possible futures working for the company (oh joy). So I left work on Friday feeling pretty smug.

...FYI, being Multi-Case SUCKS. The call comes in, and I'm like *FLAIL* WBRGKZLMNAOACKLGHZ *FLAIL*WHERE'S THE GREETING SCRIPT?! And if I don't fail completely and miss the call, chances are I've never even heard of the case before, so when the caller asks me questions I'm like "A-durrrrrr, wha?" because they know more about the case than I do, and I can only scan the FAQs so quickly, and the caller usually picks up on my hesitation and the fact that I SOUND LIKE A MORON and get argumentative. On top of this bullshit call volume has been high, the calls I've been getting have been REALLY HARD and involve a lot of running around and fetching supervisors and doing callbacks, and I got called in today by the Adecco reps to discuss my apparent recent rash of tardiness (which, as I explained to them, was do to my computer breaking, and also my bus breaking). So, this week has been pretty stressful.

I had an awesome weekend backpacking along the PCT south of Mt. Hood with Richard, near Frog Lake and Little Crater Lake. The weather was off-and-on sprinkling but otherwise decent, and the trail didn't involve stunning vistas, but the trees were pretty. Our campsite was a really nice one under the trees next to a lake, and there were ducks and geeses and things, and a chorus of frogs at night. We did 9ish or 10ish miles each day, and I managed to survive without destroying my legs and feet too terribly badly, or getting too sunburned, or getting too many mosquito bites. :DD

This weekend I'm driving out to the Coast to hang with Lauren, like we'd planned to do earlier in the month, only this time with less fail. Also, Dar's gone home to Hawaii and James is opting to enjoy some alone time, so I'm going by myself. So it'll be just me and Lauren, yay! We make a good Adventure Duo (specifically, Chip and Dale, Rescue Rangers, btw... she's Chip, I'm Dale), I think, because we have damn near identical interests, and neither of us have phobias. ...No offense, phobics. This means that if there are bugs and spiders and starfish and caves, we will fucking revel in them. Revel, I say. >:D ...This is not to imply I do not enjoy Adventuring with Dar and James as well. Because, you know, I do. But. Still. Sometimes it's just nice to be like... SUPER ROOMMATE TWIN POWERS... ACTIVATE!! ...If ya know what I mean. ^_^

Finally, all you people waiting on my beta services, ARGH SORRY ARGH, I just have not had the time or energy for anything involving thinking this week. ;_; I am excited about your stories, and I will get to them, promise!
Tags: ego trip, epic adventuring, i love the weekend, job, stress
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