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So, uh, let's talk about stuff that's not depressing.

1. Battlestar Galactica. Okay, so not really a spoiler, because it's Season 3, and even if you're behind like me, it's not really a plot point. So I'm not even going to bother hiding it behind a cut. ...Do you know how happy it makes me that my favorite character, Gaius Baltar, is from Aerilon? SO FREAKING HAPPY OMG!! My thought process went like this: "Baltar is from Aerilon?! OMG!! I'M FROM AERILON!!! ...I mean, I'm an Aries... same thing... kinda... not really... whatthehell YAAAAAAAAYY!!! :DDD" The lesson here is, I'm A Dork.

2. Doctor Who. Veeeerrrryyy intriguing leaked photos indicating possible plot/casting spoilers make me veeeeeerrryyy intrigued~. :DDD I got this secret from Becca, and she got it from... uh... the Internet, I dunno. If you want to know, tell me, and I'll email or LJ Message you. Or, you know, ask Becca.

3. Uh... my meme. ^_^;; You know, that song meme thing I posted, over here? If you still wanna play, then don't look under this cut. If you wanna see the answers, and slap yourself, because you're so stupid why didn't you get that...

1. You're always ahead of the game, I drag behind - DRAG; PLACEBO
2. Once when I was thirty-one, I woke in the dead of night - DECADE AND ONE; VIENNA TENG
3. Set me aflame and cast me free, away, you wretched world of tethers - SOLITARY; VNV NATION
4. So far so good, you're coming to the bend at the end of the road - SHASTA (CARRIE'S SONG); VIENNA TENG
5. Even on a day like this when you're crawling on the floor - SLIDE; DIDO
6. [title of song], it's so good for you, [title of song], beneath the sky of blue - LET'S GO SUNNING; JACK SHAINDLIN
7. Mm ba ba de, um bum ba de, um bu bu bum da de - UNDER PRESSURE; DAVID BOWIE AND QUEEN
8. Well, I really might seem retarded, but I really want to see you again - RETARDED; DANDY WARHOLS
9. I can see it out my window, that stupid sunshine - CHOKING THE CHERRY; POE
10. Please love, let's make no impartial vow, let it all fall away, that's not crucial now - KISS THE FLAME; JEWEL
11. Who can say where the road goes, where the day flows, [title of song] - ONLY TIME; ENYA
12. Come wet a widow's eye, cover the night with your love - COME COVER ME; NIGHTWISH
13. Oh, well imagine, as I'm pacing the pews in a church corridor - I WRITE SINS NOT TRAGEDIES; PANIC! AT THE DISCO
14. I had entered into a marriage, in the summer of my twenty-first year - THE RAKE'S SONG; THE DECEMBERISTS
15. Papa died smiling, wide as the ring of a bell - SODOM, SOUTH GEORGIA; IRON & WINE
16. Any day now you'll call me up on the phone, say you love me more than you ever did before - KNOCK DOWN DRAG OUT; WEEZER
17. I can't see [title of song], I can't see [title of song], though I patiently waited, bedside, for the death of today - YOUR STAR; EVANESCENCE
18. Well I sat down next to a photograph, tried my best almost made her laugh - SPEAK; NICKEL CREEK
19. Soy'ooz neroosh'imi resp'ooblik svob'odnikh, splot'ila nav'eki vel'ikaia Rus - THE NATIONAL ANTHEM OF THE SOVIET UNION
20. This is the story of your [title of song], and how it came to meet your leg - RED RIGHT ANKLE, THE DECEMBERISTS
21. Yo I'm ropin' up my saddle, for the long, long ride - THE MOST UNWANTED SONG; KOMAR & MELAMID AND DAVID SOLDIER
22. I got killed by [title of song] on my video game, and although to my self it doesn't mean too much - BLACK BUGS; REGURGITATOR
23. When I find myself in times of trouble, mother Mary comes to me - LET IT BE; THE BEATLES
24. Fat Charlie the Archangel, sloped into the room - CRAZY LOVE, VOL. II; PAUL SIMON
25. Too many times you're gonna go out with a-walkin', too many times you come out late - RISE UP IN THE DIRT; VOXTROT

There now, don't you feel foolish? Shame on you all. Someone should've guessed Decade And One. Or Kiss The Flame, jeez. Lauren, you totally should've got Black Bugs, and The Most Unwanted Song. And Let's Go Sunning? Lauren and James, I'm looking at you.

Some of these are excusable. Some of them I wouldn't have gotten. There's a lot on my iTunes I've never listened to. This meme was great for me, as a voyage of discovery. Thank you, Randomizer Meme, for helping me to discover Rise Up In The Dirt. ...I CAN'T STOP LISTENING TO THAT SONG. SO GOOD OMG.
Tags: bsg (like msg only not at all), doctor who, meme, music, spoilers
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