October 1st, 2008

God-King of Hostilistan

The Continuing Saga of Fuzzy "Sisyphus" Caterpillar

So Fuzzy, after spending about 12 hours camped out in a corner at the top of the stairs with his friend Distressed Spider, decided to make a move. He crossed the landing and hid in the furthest corner he could find. Then, within a couple of hours, he went allllll the way back down the stairs, and VANISHED. I found him a few hours later... back in his corner at the top of the stairs.

This is exciting.

I wonder if he just really likes that spot, or if he's making plans to pupate... and if so, should we encourage, or discourage him? I am still too tired (lazy) to upload a picture... maybe tomorrow. Maybe. Also, it'll be really embarrassing if "he" is really a "she".


In other news, I am now officially unpacked! Yaaaaaaaaaay! All of my belongings, except for my posters and bed frame, are actually in my room, and as put away as I can get them. ...Unfortunately, as I have no furniture, this equates with "not very". Tomorrow perhaps I will collapse my boxes and make a run to Fred Meyer for cheap plastic furniture and clothes hangers. Also, the Job Search continues.

...This is dangerous. I have discovered that I can spend hours on Livejournal alone... AND I'M NOT EVEN RPING!