October 21st, 2008

God-King of Hostilistan

Testimonials... does this count as a meme?

Argh, okay, so when Lauren did this I thought, "Maybe I'll do it, too," but then I thought maybe it would just be her thing, but now everybody's jumping on the bandwagon, so DAMMIT I'M JUMPING TOO.

...I wanted to do it first. XP

For those of you who aren't already know what I'm talking about, I quote the illustrious shichahn: "So, okay, GJ has this testimonial feature where you can write nonsense about someone and it shows up on their profile page. LJ is lame and lacks this truly awesome feature, thereby reducing much potential for lulz. So. If you have something to say about me, no matter what it is, comment here with your testimonial and I will stick it on my profile page. And then you can all laugh at me. Sound good? Good. :D"

So pretend those are my words, and hop to it!
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