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December 24th, 2009

Mele Kalikimaka! [Dec. 24th, 2009|04:04 pm]
Angela, Zolac no Miko
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[Current Location |Pauoa Valley, Oahu, Hawaii]
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[Current Music |Dice - Finley Quaye]

Hey, so check it out, I've got a few minutes of internet time, sweet.

Made it to Honolulu okay. Alex actually ended up on the same flight as me; he volunteered to change his flight in Minneapolis-St. Paul for a voucher and a first-class upgrade. So I hung with him briefly in the airport, before he got back to his comfy reclining seat, free gourmet meals, and mai tais, and I went to the back of the plane with the other peons. The in-flight movies were 17 Again (so yay, I've finally seen the first half of that movie) and Duplicity, so that was okay. We had a bit of turbulence, but otherwise the flight was fine.

I woke up this morning and it was bright and sunny and blue sky and warm and humid and OHMIGOD I'm so happy to be here. TT_TT It's been beautiful all day... it just started clouding over, but I'm wearing a tank top and shorts and LOVING IT. Alex, Mikey, his girlfriend Elena (sp?), and I came down the hill to hang with Gary and ohana in Pauoa. We played some ping-pong, then Alex, Mike, and Elena went off to have lunch with Alex's friend and do some last-minute Christmas shopping. I stayed and played some Uno, ate some lilikoi and Gary's sawdust cookies. Now we're all hanging in the living room listening to Lorin's iTunes while she scrapbooks, Darian plays his friend's DS, and I troll the interwebs. Tonight is Christmas Eve dinner at Grandma's; we're having More, which I'm so excited for omg we haven't had that in years. ..."More" is this sort of casserole thing, involving ground beef and pasta and olives and cheese and Worcestershire sauce and who knows what else. It's delicious and you can make a big pan of it and feed ten million people, and it was a huge part of my childhood and family visits to Tantalus.

We've got a bunch of things lined up for the weekend that I'm looking forward to. I'm making with plans to meet up with Jen (OMG YAAAAY!!) tomorrow for lunch and Sherlock Holmes (WITH A SERVING OF YAAAY ON THE SIDE!). I'm also planning on bringing Mom, Alex, and Jolie to Aki No No on Saturday night before we go to Stomp, so Jen can cook for us. Tomorrow night is, of course, Christmas Dinner, which is going to be really small this year... we're actually all going to fit at one table! That never happens! Uh, I think we plan on going to the beach Saturday (yeeeesssssss!!), and... who knows what else. THINGS WILL HAPPEN. IT WILL BE AWESOME. And then I go back to Hilo and see Fluffy and ohana, and Dad and everyone, AND MORE AWESOME THINGS WILL HAPPEN.

So anyway, on behalf of President Obama and myself, Merry Christmas from Hawaii! And if you don't celebrate Christmas, have a good time anyway.

<3 <3 <3,

P.S. Completely unrelated... btw James, you're right, the Sleepyhead music video is totally awesome, and really does fit the song. Which is funny, because I couldn't picture what could possibly fit the song. Passion Pit fans, check it out! Those of you not Passion Pit fans, check it out anyway, and get with the program!
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