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Angela, Zolac no Miko

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January 15th, 2012

Apologies in advance to Platoapproved [Jan. 15th, 2012|12:25 pm]
Angela, Zolac no Miko
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Yesterday Alex and I went to Makalawena Beach, which is a gorgeous white sand beach in Kekaha Kai State Park on the Kona side, that can only be accessed by either a) walking a long way in the hot hot sun over sharp, rough ‘a‘a rock, or b) taking your life in your hands and a 4x4 vehicle that you don't like very much down the access "road". Alex has a Nissan XTerra and is the best kind of lunatic, so we went with option b. (No seriously, I can't even tell you how fucked up this 4x4 track is, I mean, I've driven in some pretty effing gnarly places for my various internships, but jesus, that road gave us a thrashing! :DD)

Anyway, skipping past all of the very excellent things about Makalawena and going straight to the WHALES, OMG SO MANY WHALES, HOLY SHIT WHALES~!!! It's humpback season in Hawai‘i, and I've been looking and looking and hadn't seen any until yesterday just before sunset, when HOLY SHIT SO MANY WHALES showed up. I can't even, I've lived in Hawai‘i my whole life and I've traveled to Alaska and I've had some pretty freaking excellent whale sightings, but in terms of the combination of sheer number of whales, proximity to the whales, and whale activity, this was THE BEST I'VE EVER SEEN. There had to have been a dozen of them, at least, maybe more, hard to tell, they're under the water and they move around, so. There were definitely one or two babies. The closest whales, a group of I think three, including a baby, was FOR SERIOUS ONLY A HUNDRED METERS OFF SHORE. We could have swum out to them easily if that wasn't a) illegal, and b) dangerous. There was a lot of spouting and we had a couple nice views of tails, and then there were the two whales further out that just WOULD NOT STOP BREACHING, they were having a freaking BREACHING PARTY, oh my god, just flinging themselves bodily out of the water OVER AND OVER AGAIN.


...Okay platoapproved, it's safe now.

So anyway, this beach. Not too crowded due to the effort it takes to get there, and it's beautiful and there are fun sea creatures and the waves are nice for bodyboarding or surfing, and there were moa (those Polynesian chickens) wandering around entertaining us by boldly stealing food from people's unwatched bags. And surrounding the beach there are a series of rare anchialine ponds and ʻŌpaeʻula Pond, a wetland area that's a National Natural Landmark and is one of the only remaining breeding and nesting areas for rare Hawaiian wetland birds such as the āeʻo (Hawaiian Stilt), the ʻalae keʻokeʻo (Hawaiian Coot), and the ʻaukuʻu (Black-crowned Night Heron). There were SO MANY STILTS, which was super exciting, you almost never see those, and I've never seen so many at once, oh my gaaaaaawd I really wished I'd brought binoculars, and oh my god this place is totally going on my list of Awesome Birding Places to take shichahn to when she finally comes to visit me.

Also, check out how cute this bird is, seriously.Collapse )

...And the vog wasn't bad and the sunset was FUCKING BEAUTIFUL and asghsla;hfklsahgkfs it was a Perfect. Freaking. Day. TT_TT

Also tomorrow is a holiday so tonight a bunch of us are driving up to Kawaihae for dinner at the Blue Dragon and SO MUCH DANCING to the very excellent Olliephonics, OMG YAY I AM EXCITE.
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In more sobering news.... [Jan. 15th, 2012|01:35 pm]
Angela, Zolac no Miko
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-All of my secular prayers for the passengers of the Costa Concordia that have yet to be found.

-The biggest news in all of the Hawaiian newspapers recently is in regards to the intentional killings of three Hawaiian monk seals (an endangered species endemic to the Hawaiian chain) since November, and a suspected possible fourth. There's a $30,000 reward being offered for information that leads to the arrest and conviction of the killers. It's suspected that the killings were committed by fishermen, to whom the seals are often considered nuisances that compete with the humans for their catches. Tensions have increased recently, as the monk seal population in the main Hawaiian Islands has continued to grow, and NOAA has proposed expanding monk seal critical habitat from the Northwest Hawaiian Islands to almost the entirety of the shores and waters of the main Hawaiian chain.

...This is just killing me, guys, these sorts of conflicts between humans and wildlife are just horrible.

This face. I ask you.

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Oh. My. God. [Jan. 15th, 2012|02:36 pm]
Angela, Zolac no Miko
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Oh my god, sorry for the spam you guys, but. But. I just can't decide whether to laugh or to cry. So I'm doing a lot of both.

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