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Angela, Zolac no Miko

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June 1st, 2012

Guess I don't feel too guilty at only $20 a day. [Jun. 1st, 2012|03:45 pm]
Angela, Zolac no Miko
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So it's been a pretty weird couple of weeks.

As you all know, instead of going on my awesome expedition, I decided maybe stomach flu would be more fun. So I spent three days flat on my back. Was ready to work again on Friday, but Dennis was out most of the day at a doctor's appointment, and there wasn't any work to do anyway. So i just didn't work at all last week, really. And then it was Memorial Day weekend, so Dennis told me to report back on Tuesday and maybe he'd have some work for me, who knows. So I had a three-day weekend, and I drove into Hilo and acquired a car and mostly lay around like a bum otherwise.

Tuesday morning Dennis tells me we're retrieving the field team from lower Hakalau... they were supposed to be in the field until today, but things were apparently SO HORRIBLE they didn't want to continue. So we drove up Saddle and helped with the heli-op, which was kind of fun, and packed all of the gear into the trucks and drove down into town and treated Shawn and Jackie to a well-deserved lunch at Miyo's. Finally got the scoop on the Shawn-disappearing-for-five-hours thing... apparently once he got to 'Awehi Stream he'd been unable to find his way back. He didn't have a GPS unit on him and what he'd thought was a compass turned out to be an altimeter.

That afternoon Shawn and I took all the tents and tarps home with us, hosed off the mud, and hung them out to dry. Then I spent all evening unpacking my food and gear which had gone into the field without me. (My bagels and tortillas went moldy, wah.)

Shawn and I spent most of Wednesday unpacking gear, washing it, drying it, and repacking. This took us until about 3:00, after which we repaired birdbags until Dennis made us go home. Shawn was now on weekend time, but I still had to work out the week. I asked Dennis when I should report on Thursday; since we'd pretty much done all the work, he told me he'd call me if he needed me.

Didn't hear from Dennis at all on Thursday. Spent the day cleaning my room, reading old omg_alchemist logs and threads, and marathoning episodes of Once Upon A Time.

Today I get a call at 8:30 from Jackie, wondering where the hell I am. I explained to her about yesterday, and said I'd assumed today would be the same. Jackie wasn't pleased by my not coming to work yesterday, nor was she pleased with the state of the gear. I hustled right over there and got to work cleaning things up to her satisfaction; luckily Jackie accepted that I'd just been following orders, and didn't seem upset with me. It took me about an hour and a half to get the gear squared away, and then I really didn't have much else to do, so I spent the rest of the day repairing bird bags and helping Jackie destroy the boys' team at Friday Lunchtime Bocce. Ran out of work at 2, so I left. And now it's the weekend again! I feel like such a slacker. :P

Next week should be a lot of fun day trips... Malama Ki Monday and Wednesday, Ainahou Tuesday and probably Thursday, Kahuku Friday and probably the following Monday. So, yay!

I have noooooo idea where Shawn is... he disappeared Thursday morning and I haven't seen him since. I really hope this means he is out exploring the island.

Some sad news... I've probably missed my chance to get helicopter-dropped into lower Hakalau. There will be more expeditions, but probably not before I leave in August. I AM MAJORLY BUMMED. Even if everyone was miserable, I still wanted to go! (And it would probably be less miserable next time anyway, sans hiking and plus a couple extra pairs of hands.) ...Also my mother just called and told me she got in an accident with a car and her bike again, and she broke her elbow. DDDDDD:

ETA: Shawn just reappeared, backpack in tow. I asked him where he went.

Shawn: I went to Kona!
Me: Cool!
S: I didn't like it there.
M: Why not?
S: There's nothing to do.
M: ...What do you like to do?
S: ...Dunno, but whatever it is, Kona didn't have it.

*facepalm* This kid, I just don't even sometimes.

...But he says he likes the Hilo library, so there's that I guess. ^_^;;
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