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Angela, Zolac no Miko

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July 6th, 2012

YES THANK YOU SO MUCH BELLE. DDDDD: [Jul. 6th, 2012|07:27 am]
Angela, Zolac no Miko
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The dogs had another fight last night. I had to go out and break it up, and then I had to lock Belle in the bathroom so I could check on Molly... I assumed she'd come off the worst because this has happened before, and Belle is the one that is young and crazy and randomly attacks Molly, and Molly is old and stiff and can't really defend herself. And Molly was acting scared and hurt, but I couldn't find anything wrong so I gave Belle some stern words that I'm sure completely failed to sink in, and I went to bed.

So this morning I get up to let the dogs and AND THERE IS BLOOD ON MOLLY'S FUR. And there is a gash on her chest, and it's smallish but it's big enough to need stitches.

So I've emailed Kapono to let him know I'll be late or a no-show, and I had to email Dennis and Lisa on their vacation in Italy and tell them everything, and I'm waiting for Dennis and Lisa's vet to open so I can call them, and then I get to load Molly into Lisa's minivan and drive half an hour down to Kea‘au so she can get stitched up.

And I didn't take the dogs on their walk because I didn't want Molly to exert herself when she's BLEEDING FROM AN OPEN WOUND ON HER CHEST, and I didn't want to take Belle without taking Molly because that's not fair to Molly and also BELLE DOES NOT DESERVE A WALK. So Belle is all hyper and sad and confused because she didn't get a walk and I cannot explain to her that I'll walk her later and also IT'S ALL HER FAULT BECAUSE SHE ATTACKED HER FRIEND, A HELPLESS OLD HARMLESS SWEETHEART OF A DOG. DDDDDDDDD:<


...Belle has problems, okay, and it's not entirely her fault, I think she was abused before Dennis and Lisa adopted her, and she's apparently doing much better than she used to, and 95% of the time she's a real sweet dog and I love her, but... ARGH. VIOLENCE IS NOT OKAY. I am very displeased with her right now. D:<

ETA: Called the vet and they suggested that since the wound is smallish, I can try keeping it disinfected myself and letting it heal on its own. ...Should be okay, I guess, because I don't think Molly can reach it with her teeth to make it worse. But I need to go buy some Betadine, can't find any in the house. So I will go find Betadine, and clean Molly up, and then I will think about going to work.

Belle's starting to catch on that I'm upset with her, but of course she doesn't know why. *sigh*
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