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Occasionally I love my brain

Last night I dreamed that I was Robert Downey, Jr, as Sherlock Holmes. As a promotion for the movie I was acting out some sort of little pageant thing outside of Prentiss Hall at Whitman College. I/RDJ was dressed in Renaissance garb, and carrying a little box of something precious I had retrieved from some far off land, and had brought back to England to present to the Queen. Jude Law/Watson was also dressed in poofy sleeves and mail and tights (lol), and I/RDJ/Holmes had to defeat him in a sword fight before I could get to Queen Victoria and Prince Albert, who had meanwhile come down the stairs out of the DG section to watch, also in Renaissance garb. I/RDJ/Holmes defeated Jude/Watson with much "Ha ha, take that you fiend!" sort of posturing. Then I/RDJ/Holmes went over to the Queen, went down on one knee, kissed her hand, presented her with the box, and received the royal couple's blessing/commendation.

Still dreaming, I realized it was a dream, and a damn awesome one at that (I got to be Robert Downey, Jr! :D), and I promptly ran through the dream a second time so that I would remember it when I woke up. And this time Jude Law/Watson was also Will Petillo, and Queen Victoria and Prince Albert were Nick and Julie Caton (of course).

...Kind of the Best Dream Ever. :DDD
Tags: dream, jolly old england wot, movies, rdj, ren faire, sherlock holmes, whitman college
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