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Visit of Awesome, Part 2: With Friends, Hump Day = Awesome Day

Today, after work, WE WENT TO THE POOL. We went in the hot tub, and then we went down the water slide about a gajillion times, and then we played around with the pool floaties and the water-jet play sculpture in the kiddie pool, and then... then we found out what That Rope in the regular pool is for. Apparently, when under supervision by a Friendly Lifeguard, it is for rope swinging/climbing to the top and falling kersplashy from a great height. SO. MUCH. FUN. I am the only one of us who actually succeeded in climbing the rope to the top, or, you know, at all. Because I am manly and heroic like that. ^_^ ...So we did that a lot. I had fun swinging out and letting go and spinning almost 360 degrees in the air before hitting the water. Uh... and then we went back on the water slide a gajillion more times, and then we went back in the hot tub, and then we went back to the regular pool and I climbed the rope again because, you know, it was there, and we played basketball with Ducky's t-shirt and then with an actual ball, and then I made an epic basket from the pool into the ball barrel but only Becca saw or cared. ...So that was all tons of fun, messing around and acting like a bunch of ten-year-olds instead of a bunch of twenty-somethings.

AND THEN we went to Humdinger, the cute little burger joint we've been eyeing for months and never actually quite going to. And it was even cuter than we thought it would be. I had a Hawaiian burger with tater tots and a peach milk shake. There were burgers and various fried potato products and condiments and pickles and milkshakes and sitting outside under an umbrella and giggling like idiots. The guy wiping tables had a pink t-shirt that had "DUST PROTECTS FURNITURE" written on it in puffy paint, which is just about the most fabulous thing I've ever seen.

I am very full of food and it is less hot tonight and that is awesome, and we watched the first half of Brideshead Revisited and that is awesome except we made Ducky cry. And Fluffy is coming to visit tomorrow and that is EVEN MORE AWESOME. ...But it is way past my bedtime.
Tags: i love my awesome friends, i love my awesome life, omg food, shenanigans
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