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Angela, Zolac no Miko

Here I am!

So it's been a while since I've even looked at my Friends page or come anywhere near my own Livejournal, as I have been greatly distracted by... Livejournal. In the time since my last post I have been very busy applying to jobs and applying to Econtra. If I were intelligent, I would have done them in that order, but I'm not, so I didn't. Consequently I am now devoting much too much of my time to inhabiting Faye Valentine's brain pan, and I haven't mailed my job application yet.

Matters aren't helped by this weekend being Whitman College's Four-Day, and our apartment complex is playing host to three Whitties.

I'm sorry, did I sound like I was complaining? This weekend has been a blast. Saturday we gathered in an estrogen swarm of seven and spent all afternoon wandering around downtown Portland. We ate dim sum until we exploded, nested in Powell's Used Books and spent hours searching the shelves for gay cowboys- WITH GREAT SUCCESS!!- ate chocolate eyeballs and sugary minty milkshakes of god, attempted to catch pigeons in Pioneer Courthouse Square (failure... the pigeons were elsewhere), waved at the webcam, read Tennyson in the amphitheater to astounding echo effects, hugged some otters, scared passersby with naked cowboy butts, and got fabulously lost trying to find the bus stop.

Every Whittie EVER was in Portland, in Powell's, surprise surprise, including my cousin Ian, who was mutually surprised to see me.

So then Saturday night the lazy five of us stayed home and watched "Pushing Daisies", had gay cowboy read alouds, scary story telling in the dark wilds of the apartment complex commons, and general schmoozing. With tea.

Sunday we went to Uwajimaya for lunch, because apparently we didn't have enough Asian food the day before. Chris got all excited and bought mangosteen, which is now apparently legal for import. She shared some with us and we agreed it was very exciting. We watched the Scientology-related South Park episodes and then "The Brotherhood of the Wolf" which is French and delicious. We hit a Mexican restaurant just before closing to the imagined dismay of the staff, me still wearing my neon-green Uwajimaya "DELI PURCHASE" sticker on my cheek. Then I marathoned more "Pushing Daisies" with Becca.

Today I woke up at BITCH - o'clock after three hours of sleep and did about 3 hours worth of public transportation wrangling for like a five minute finger appointment. But I got to lug my gigantic volume of EVERYTHING EDGAR ALLEN POE EVER WROTE with me and frighten my doctor with it. I have since been shmoozing the internet, watching hilarious game reviews, and eating my cold, leftover bento. We're gonna watch some "Iron Chef" now, before we go out to see "The Duchess".

In other news, THERE ARE PIRATES LIVING IN MY APARTMENT COMPLEX. As I was sitting by the window, where the internet lives, working on my Faye app, I happened to glance out as A PIRATE WALKED BY. He was dressed like a normal dude, except that he was wearing an eye-patch, and as I watched, he put on a tri-corner hat. I had to wrestle with myself to not burst from my patio doors and stare at him. I have also noticed a vehicle parked by the next building over that features the bumper sticker, "My co-pilot is Blackbeard."
So there is are one or two pirates here. I think this is just about as awesome as it gets.

That is all, Iron Chef nao.
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