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So this morning I got some unplanned exercise. I was running a few minutes late so I ended up jogging ten minutes to Barbur Transit Center, carrying a heavy backpack. So that was fun.

Cecelia had the WEIRDEST caller on FTC v. Telebrands. ...You know those waist belts that jolt your abs with electricity, that supposedly give your abs a workout? Yeah, they so totally don't. The Federal Trade Commission brought the heat for making false claims, and they had to pay some money back to everyone who bought their crappy product. So checks got mailed out to all customers for about $17, with a notice of explanation. ...So of course nobody actually READS these notices ever, and they all have to call in and freak out about it. ...So anyway. This lady. She reads "Telebrands" and somehow her brain comes up with "Taliban", so in all seriousness, very concerned, she asks Cecelia, if she deposits this check, are we going to send her to Afghanistan. ...WHAT?! Is she ON GLUE?! No, we're not going to pay you $17 and then kidnap you and take you to the Middle East, WHAT THE HELL?! So that completely broke my brain and I had trouble functioning for the next few minutes.

I got off at 3:30 and Dar picked me up to take me to the airport, which would've been hunky-dory except that I forgot how BATSHIT Portland traffic is on Fridays. What should've been a 30 minute drive turned into, like, 1 hour 10 minutes. We got there... I think it was 4:50? For a 5:15 flight. ...I sprinted up to the desk (luckily, PDX was a ghost town, and there was no line) and asked if it was too late for the Honolulu flight. They said, "Yes," then, "...Do you have luggage?" I only had carry-ons so they did the fastest check-in ever and handed me my boarding pass, saying, "No promises, run like the wind," and called the gate to let them know I was coming. ...I ran like the wind. Security was also more tumbleweeds than people, so I got through that pdq and sprinted for the gate. I was just a couple gates away when I heard the last boarding call and put on some extra speed. I hand over my boarding pass and the agents are like, "Wow, last one to check in at the desk, but you beat six other people here." ...I'm just that awesome. Thank you high school track career.

...And then of course the plane sat on the ground for 30+ minutes. Pfffffff.

But now I am in Honolulu and it's 87 degrees and humid, but the city lights looked so pretty from the plane, and I could see the radio towers on our new property, and now I'm with Family and everything is wonderful. Tomorrow we're to collect greenery for Grandpa's memorial service.

Going to sleep now. I've been awake more than 22 hours. @_@
Tags: family, home, job, thomas gill
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