Angela, Zolac no Miko (zolac_no_miko) wrote,
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-Massive Anglo-Saxon gold discovery in Staffordshire. Celebrate your Anglo-Saxon heritage: use some four-letter words.

-G20 protestors in Pittsburgh get tear-gased. The important bit in this article is the Anon in the second photo down the page. Also the Daily Show has a presence, very important. And a sound cannon is a fucking awesome high-tech anti-riot weapon. Sorry, protestors.

-Last night I cooked dinner for once. Oven-baked chicken breaded in panko, hazelnuts, and cajun spice; quinoa; and green beans. It was delicious. Sometimes I am awesome.

-Today the call volume was very low, which would've been... nice? I guess? Except that there was an unusually high percentage of callers I wanted to throttle. ...This job has only made me more of an elitist. So much of the world is dumb. And they all CALL ME ON THE PHONE.

-The massive levels of dumb were made up for to a great extent by my participation in the birthday preparations for our manager, Francis. I joined a couple of my work buddies, including one of my supervisors, in spending an hour saran-wrapping his entire cubicle.

-I'm still recovering from the cold that laid me flat all weekend. My nose is a slow-dripping leaky faucet, producing unlikely amounts of snot. The snot coming out of my right nostril is clear and colorless. The snot coming out of my left nostril is yellow and opaque. THIS IS DISGUSTING. ...I felt I should share this with you.

-Tomorrow we go to Walla Walla (again)! 'Tis the season for birthdays; this weekend we celebrate Becca's by crashing on her floor and preventing her from studying.
Tags: birthday, i like making lists, job, sick, walla walla
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