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Taking some time out from my busy schedule of work, sleep, treadmill, dishes, and porn-beta

So last weekend was kind of a little bit productive and a lot lazy. I spent all day Saturday downtown by myself again, as I like to do once in a while. This time I wore more sensible shoes. I ransacked all of the thrift stores downtown for Vince Noir costume elements (that's right, it's October... Halloween costume time!); only one of them was any good. Buffalo Exchange, I heart you. I now have the perfect and most excellent pair of white cowboy boots, a lime green studded belt, and a jangly piece of jewelry comprising three chains and a lot of fake gold coins that is downright piratical. I also picked up an awesome army jacket and a fabulous leather jacket with fuzzies on the inside that I love so very very very much, but that wasn't costume stuff. Now all I need is the cowboy hat and my electro-poof will be complete; by the time I got to the Outdoor Store it was closed. At that point I was getting a bit hungry, it being dinner time and all, so I snagged a Vietnamese sandwich and a Thai iced tea from an open-late lunch truck, walked myself over to Pioneer Courthouse Square, and sat on the brick steps with my earbuds in and The Decemberists on, eating and watching the sky-light dim. Then I swung by Ben & Jerry's for dessert before hitting the Pioneer Place cinemas for The Informant. EXCELLENT movie, btw; hilarious. Matt Damon, I heart you. The rest of the weekend was spent marathoning TV shows on our laptops. Supernatural, The Vampire Diaries, Bones, The X-Files, Dollhouse, Kings. Oh man oh man. Good stuff. And then Will took us out for dinner at the best sushi restaurant ever (you should see the gigantic portions of fish hanging off of their nigiri, holy crap), and we went to his mom's house to meet her and his new dog Tobias and eat pie and walk to Council Crest in the dark.

Yesterday we watched Zombieland. SEE THIS MOVIE. It was, like, way more awesome than I thought it would be. Like, it was actually quality. Not stupid funny, but funny funny. And majorly badass. And actually quite touching. The characters were actual people. And you couldn't help picking out examples of Columbus' list. The whole movie I'm like, "Limber Up. Cardio. DOUBLE TAP, DOUBLE TAP!! :DD" Also, this will significantly affect my experience at carnivals and amusement parks for the rest of my life.

Coming up- Saturday we're having a major group outing that may involve... I dunno, between 6 and 9 people. There will be dim sum at our favorite place in Chinatown, followed by a roadtrip out to Sauvie Island to spot some birds, conquer a corn maze, and buy some pumpkins and other assorted squashes. It will be goodtimes.

Next week I am being a bad girl and trading sleep for concerts. Monday is ...And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead at Dante's downtown. Lauren and I are all over that shit, oh man. And then Tuesday we two plus Dar are driving down to Eugene to go gypsy-crazy at the Gogol Bordello concert at the McDonald Theater. ...Man I love being young and irresponsible.

So anyway I've been working on this meme for several weeks. Stolen from salt_of_the_egg, with some minor editing so it makes more sense away from its home territory of Faceblargh. I also included song and album titles, because I could. The meme doth not require it.

Using only song lyrics from ONE ARTIST, cleverly answer these questions. You can't use the band I used. Try not to repeat a song title. It's a lot harder than you think!

Pick Your Artist: The Decemberists

Are you male or female?: Bandit queen, laying beneath the moon. (The Bandit Queen - Piqaresqueties)

Describe yourself: The heavens at my birth intended me for stardom; rays of light shone down on me, and all my sins were pardoned. (I Was Meant For The Stage – Her Majesty)

How do you feel?: Alright, alright, alright~ (The Rake Song – The Hazards of Love)

Describe where you currently live: I figured I had paid my debt to society by paying my overdue fines at the Multnomah County library. (California One/Youth And Beauty Brigade – Castaways and Cutouts)

If you could go anywhere, where would you go?: There’s a harbor lost within the reeds, a jetty caught in overhanging trees; among the bones of cormorants, no boot mark here nor fingerprints, the rivers roll down to a soundless sea. (The Island: Come And See/The Landlord’s Daughter/You’ll Not Feel The Drowning – The Crane Wife)

Your favorite form of transportation: I’ll wait by the car, and we’ll go, we’ll go. (O Valencia! – The Crane Wife)

Your best friend is: As four in the morning came on cold and boring we huddled close in the bus stop enclosure enfolding, our hands tightly holding. (On The Bus Mall - Piqaresque)

What's the weather like?: The weather will hold; it’s been ever so, ever so gray. (The Gymnast, High Above The Ground – Her Majesty)

Favorite time of day: Isn’t it a lovely night? And so alight with fireflies… (Isn’t It A Lovely Night? – The Hazards Of Love)

If your life were a TV show, what would it be called?: Would I Could (Eli, The Barrow Boy – Picaresque)

What is life to you?: When the sun-bright swallow sings upon the birch bough high. (Yankee Bayonet (I Will Be Home Then) – The Crane Wife)

Your fear: I’ve got no one left to mourn for me; my body lies inside its grave in a ditch not far away. (Leslie Anne Levine – Castaways And Cutouts)

What is the best advice you have to give?: Be kind to your mother, though she may seem an awful bother, and the next time she tries to feed you collard greens, remember what she does when you’re asleep. (A Cautionary Song – Castaways And Cutouts)

Thought for the day: The people in the houses all go to the university, and they all get put in boxes, little boxes, all the same. And there’s doctors, and there’s lawyers, and business executives, and they’re all made out of ticky-tacky, and they all look just the same. And they all play on the golf course and drink their martini dry, and they all have pretty children, and the children go to school. And the children go to summer camp and then to the university, and they all get put in boxes, and they all come out the same. (Little Boxes - Weeds opening theme song)

How I would like to die: The lapping waves are licking quietly at our ankles. Another bow, another breath, this brilliant chill has come for to shackle. With this long last rush of air, we’ll speak our vows of starry whisper. And when the waves came crashing down, he closed his eyes and softly kissed her. (The Hazards Of Love 4 (The Drowned) – The Hazards Of Love)

My soul's present condition: Untouched by work or duty. (We Both Go Down Together – Picaresque)

My motto: Someone’s got to do the culling of the fold. (Culling Of The Fold – The Crane Wife Extras)
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