Angela, Zolac no Miko (zolac_no_miko) wrote,
Angela, Zolac no Miko

Only in dreams....

Among many other weird things, I dreamed I was a falconer. I had a female kestrel, like Lauren, and so did Wayne, and we were hunting through some marshes and rainforests in Florida. My kestrel was kind of a weird bright orange color, sort of tangerine. She was brand new, and I hadn't properly trained her yet, but she was really good and came back to the glove. I named her Beta, for no reason that I can think of. She caught a moth. ^_^ At some point she turned into a hawk... I think she was supposed to be a Harris hawk. She was mostly black, and her eyes were red. Her name was still Beta, but I nicknamed her Laserface. Wayne had a Harris hawk too. Now we were hunting in my front yard in Hilo. Which for some reason was populated with mainland animals. I saw this really gorgeous flicker with iridescent blue and teal wings. I flew Beta/Laserface at some wild kestrels, and she fought with one female for a bit before swallowing her whole. Then Lauren was throwing Penny at a squirrel, so I threw Laserface at it a few times, but she kept missing. She was very obedient but kind of lazy and dumb... she kept landing on the ground, and refusing to sit up straight on the glove. But she was very nice and didn't bite.

In an unrelated part of my dream, much earlier, my fridge in Hilo had a bag of something like tater tots, only made with apple instead of potato. This strikes me as delicious.
Tags: dream, falconry, food, penelope
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