Angela, Zolac no Miko (zolac_no_miko) wrote,
Angela, Zolac no Miko

Cat, you are so not cute. I like Liberace better.

I'm annoyed at my cat. I was totally going to wake up at a reasonable time today, except that she kept waking me up at unreasonable hours of the morning. She slept on my legs nice and quiet and peaceful for a while, and when she got up and walked out of my room, I got up and closed the door, so she wouldn't annoy me later. ...Ha! I wake up at 5 a.m. because the cat is outside my door plaintively meowing her head off. I tried ignoring her for a few minutes but eventually gave in. I got up and let her in. She proceeds to be as annoying as possible, sticking her claws and/or nose in my face and generally fucking around with things. She finally goes and lies down on my legs and I fall back asleep... until she does it again at 7. ...So now it's noon and I'm only just now waking up. Fuck you, cat.

However, I did have a fabulous dream about, of all people, Liberace. A bunch of my friends and I got on a tiny plane to go see him somewhere, Vegas or Disneyland or something. I walked in and all my family (on my mom's side) was there, dressed up fancy and sitting at a long table. My friends and younger cousins sat down but I was slow so I got a seat way at the end away from anyone I wanted to talk to. But then the show started. It was a Cirque du Soleil-style performance, and it was commemorating an important event in Liberace's actual life. You see, in my dream, Liberace was actual royalty (they kept referring to him as the Red Baron), and for some political reason or another, was supposed to be executed several years ago, but through luck and politics and diplomacy (and, apparently, really fabulous dancing and singing) was able to escape this grisly fate. So the whole performance was about that. There were lots of beads and sparkles and spinning and really cool stunts, and very little of it took place on the stage up front, it was all down on the floor amongst the audience. Audience participation was encouraged, so I danced around some. Will was actually part of the performance, somehow. Seemed like a pretty good gig, lucky him. Anyway, the performance was amazing, and when it ended we all filed out enthusing about how amazing it was. Liberace came down and sort of milled with the crowd and was very nice. I was polite to him (I accidentally got in his way and said "I'm sorry" and moved) and he thanked me for it. It was at about this point I realized I was dressed like a zombie. It was also at about this point I realized I had left my water bottle behind. I went and described it to the staff at Lost and Found (it had a lot more interesting stickers on it than it does in real life), and Liberace himself recognized it and gave it back to me. ...Then we all went outside, and my mom and I stood around and talked to my aunt and uncle from Berkeley, discussing how troublesome the imminent tornadoes were.

...This is all really weird, seeing as I care nothing for and indeed know very little about Liberace, other than that dude who wore funny clothes and played the piano that some people kind of liked, back in the day.

And now I need to get my ass in gear so I can go to Lauren's and work on Aphelion for the second day in a row.

...Btw, the movie Primer is really fucking weird. And confusing. Which I expected, but holyshit. I'm going to have to watch it again sometime, and hopefully figure some shit out.
Tags: aphelion, cats, dream, movie
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