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Now is when I need a Spirit of Jazz icon...

6:45 a.m. The sun is rising but we get there first. Sleepy Portland falls away beneath us, downtown highrises dimly distant, gold-scaled serpentine I-5 snakes south between the hills. Gaining altitude, further east- Hood rears majestic silhouetted by pink, turquoise, tangerine, August’s somehow slightly-demeaning bleak gray stone now mantled in pure, luscious white. In the distance less familiar peaks catch at the southern sky, jagged, snaggle-toothed. Below me the vast Columbia is a ditch; the Cascades loom dark above it. Ridgelines forking their way to Mt. Hood are skewbald, snow-white patches against the green-black of the firs. Low fog fills the valleys like glaciers. Snowy slopes are touched by pale light now, cirrus and contrails glow electric flamingo, and as the fir-clad, knife sharp peaks blur and fade to smooth, dun-brown hills the first flare of orange sun incinerates the earth.


So. What I’ve been up to lately. Last Tuesday and Wednesday I spent in a fury of cleaning- I swear I’ve never seen my room this clean, and wow I vacuumed a lot of cat hair out of the living room carpet. Thursday I picked Dar up from work so we could drive to Walla Walla, pick up Becca, and drive back. …It’s more fun than it sounds. Of course, I didn’t do any of the driving, but Dar’s got only herself to blame if she doesn’t let me take the wheel. Anyway, we get back into PDX and I do a quick crazy dance before driving over to pick up Lauren and heading downtown for the Fanfarlo concert at the Doug Fir Lounge. We’re already running late, so of course I get us fabulously lost (why can’t I ever do that exit correctly?). Luckily I expected to do so and had Lauren print out a map. Anyway, we get there eventually, something like twenty minutes after the opening band was supposed to start- and nothing’s going on. So I buy a cranberry and soda and we schmooze for a bit. Eventually Freelance Whales, a band from NY, comes on stage, and makes lots of pretty music. Pretty enough we decided to split the cost of their album. Then Fanfarlo comes on, and makes more pretty music, and omg the lead singer is so freaking adorable with his baby face and pretty voice and London accent, and omg I want to put him in my pocket and take him home. …So that was totally worth the $10 cover. I get back home and Dar and Becca have decorated the apartment; everything’s all lacy curtains and silk hangings and pretty stuff. By this point my stomach is eating itself, so I microwave my Burgerville turkey burger with cranberry salsa and INHALE IT. Oh man, so delicious. Then I pass out.

Friday was fake!Thanksgiving! A Land of Port tradition. I made my famous Beck family recipe cranberry Jello salad, then spent half the day driving all over creation, picking up people and beverages. Dar spent literally all day slaving away in the kitchen; people arrived, Lauren and Melissa and I made wine charms out of beads and twist ties (I feel so clever), we inhaled Dar’s delicious bread, more people arrived (we had like 10 or 12 total), we played Uno. Then it was Food Time. Roast turkey with orange rosemary glaze, gravy (also heavy on the rosemary), orange ginger cranberry sauce, stuffing made from scratch (she made the bread), corn flour biscuits, corn pudding with chilies, baby sweet potatoes with caramelized brown sugar, salad with young greens, bleu cheese, grapes, pomegranate, dried apricots, and walnuts… and, of course, my Jello. Oh man, so effing delicious. …I love my Dar. T_T We took a break to digest and play Apples to Apples, and then it was pie time: Dar made pumpkin, sweet potato, and peach berry, and Melissa brought an apple crumble. After this we were all in a food coma, and just sort of lay around for several hours, flopped across the couch or floor, too woozy to do much of anything.

Becca had to leave early on Saturday morning (T_T), but at least I still had a Melissa. We poked around on the internet for a while being completely useless. Dar came out of her room, sat on the couch for a bit, started dozing, and then went back to bed for the rest of the day. XD; Lauren came over and she and Melissa and I marathoned Teen Titans. ^_^ Late in the evening I decided to actually get dressed, and Dar and I drove over to Marisa and Sonja’s place. We originally had plans to go find some drag kings downtown, but none of us felt up for it, and anyway it was raining. So we went to see Inglourious Basterds at one of the McMenamin’s theaters over on Hawthorne. Btw THIS MOVIE IS FUCKING AWESOME IF YOU HAVEN’T SEEN IT YOU NEED TO. TT_TT Seriously, it made me so freaking happy. Brad Pitt, ilu. Also, Eli Roth, where have you been all my life? We hung out with Marisa and Sonja for a while until I started to pass out, then went home and had a sleepover in Dar’s gigantic squishy bed. We watched Supernatural, and speaking of so freaking happy, whoever made the casting decision for Crowley WINS AT LIFE.

Sunday I slept in forever, then went to Lauren’s to watch The Mighty Boosh’s new live show DVD, Future Sailors. Our hysterical laughter was a source of much bemusement to her parents (Editor’s note: lol I almost wrote “our parents”, think I spend too much time over there Lauren? XD), but we get that reaction from them a lot, so.

…Nothing much else exciting happened this week. I watched a lot of Batman.

As I write this I am sitting on a plane, flying over the snow-capped Rocky Mountains. When I post this I will be in New Orleans. Why? Because my family loves me, that’s why. My brother called me up last week and was like, “Hey, doing anything for Thanksgiving? Wanna come to New Orleans?” The flights are my early Christmas present from Mom, Alex, and Nova. So yeah, for the rest of the month I’ll be hanging with Alex, Nova, Uncle Ivan, and Auntie Jeannette in the Big Easy, having MORE delicious turkey dinner, sailing and canoeing around in the bayous, rivers, and lakes of Louisiana, being a tourist in the French Quarter, and so on. I’m so excited; Alex and I haven’t been down to visit Ivan and Jeanette in NO since we were both in elementary school.

So yeah. New Orleans. …I know, right? Pretty fucking awesome.

EDIT: Sprawling Louisiana townships crackling with electricity, strung together like neurons with suburban dendrites and axon highways. America at night is a brain.

...So the plane I was on had to turn around because it had a cracked window and couldn't achieve the necessary altitude to get to NO. So we landed again in Minneapolis - St. Paul and they found us another airplane. That airplane was broken too. So they found us a third airplane, so I hiked across the GIGANTIC FREAKING airport and caught that. ...Oh well, at least I got to watch Obama pardon a turkey. (And I watched Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang on the plane... ilu TARDIS, my precious precious baby.) ...Ah well. Air travel. What are you gonna do? *sigh, eyeroll* Whatever, it's worth it to travel exciting places, and because everything's so damned pretty from the air.

I'm in N'awlins now. Ivan and Jeannette took me to a fabulous local eatery. We had fried dill pickles for an appetizer, which are actually quite delicious, especially when dipped in ketchup and various peppery sauces. I had this amazing crawfish pasta dish, and the tasty local beer, which they serve in chilled goblets the size of the world. So, I'm off to a great start. Jealous yet~?
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