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Shark Alarm!

So Richard's taken off. I was greatly amused watching Mme. Suzette slowly win him over. Our cat's so cute even Richard can't resist.

Here, have some spam. First, this makes me so happy. Lauren, you'll appreciate this. I'm gonna have to go bother them.

Dear Mun

Next, some awesome gut-busting videos I found by way of Daria. Every post is repost repost. Both of these are inhabiting some major headspace right now.

The Office: Male Prima Donna by Subtle Sexuality

Shark Alarm!

Here's me as Vince Noir. The photo doesn't really capture the complete awesomeness... you can't see my incredibly loud shirt, gaudy jingly gold necklace, lime green studded belt, and awesome white cowboy boots. Also I'm not holding my travel snacks, or doing my impression of a turtle eating, or spouting out crimps. Oh well.

Vince Noir

And here's another view of my kickass Jack-o'-BatSignal, a.k.a. THE BEST PUMPKIN EVER. ...Okay, Dar's portrait of Hellboy was actually cooler, but it loses points for having been carved two weeks before Halloween, and therefore was almost entirely liquified and had to be scraped off the porch well before the actual holiday.


...Now I'm going to go watch Dollhouse. HELLS YEAH!!

EDIT, TO AVOID SPAMMING: Okay, so these aren't actually spoilers, they're much too vague, I just needed somewhere to spazzflail because OMFG DOLLHOUSE hrkghgzjalbksedgz!!! *incoherent noises and foaming at the mouth* SUMMER GLAU! Omg Bennett, ilu. Topher, ilu. Adelle, ilu. Victor... ENVER GJOKAJ YOU ARE THE BEST ACTOR EVER WILL YOU HAVE MY BABIES PLZ. Holy crap I am freaking out so much exciting stuff happened in those two episodes. Just like... like... OH MY GOD!!! NEXT WEEK!! NEXT WEEK!!

...Also, is it weird that I thought the bathroom scene was kind of hot?
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