Angela, Zolac no Miko (zolac_no_miko) wrote,
Angela, Zolac no Miko

It's shwarbage.

O HAI, I am the weather in Portland. I am VERY FUCKING COLD.

Midwest Cities say stfu, weaksauce, stop whining.

Here, watch the first three minutes of this Batman Beyond episode. If you have even heard of Batman, you will think this is funny. I nearly choked on my instant ramen. THIGH-HIGH BOOTS!

...Metric concert tomorrow! :D

EDIT: LAUREN! The band you were trying to remember was playing at the Crystal Ballroom tonight was PASSION PIT!! ...ARGH!!!

EDIT EDIT: The reason it's so cold (besides the weather) is our main heating vent is bust. MORE ARGH. The cat and I are hunkered down in the trenches (my room, where the heater does work, thank Zolac).
Tags: batman, complaining is my favorite sport, concert, living in the land of port, music, screw you weather, television, youtube
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