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Ooh such a good time.

Work today was full of complainers. So that sucked. I spent some time in document control, opening envelopes and sorting the contents for processing. So that was a nice change of pace. Suspect joblessness is imminent... a few people in my group were dismissed today. Laaaaame.

Caught a bus and a train downtown, met James in Powell's, went to P.F. Chang's for lunch. Ordered too much in the way of spring rolls and hot and sour soup. Gave leftovers to homeless girl in front of Powell's; James' idea. Feel good about self. Went to the Crystal Ballroom. Pat downs and bag searches going in. Managed to get in with a bag full of prescription pills, lol.

Opening group was Band of Skulls. A guitar, bass, and drums trio, some flavor of British. Female bassist/singer androgynous and hot. Guitarist/singer dude had epic beard, could not see his face past blond locks; shredded so hard he kept breaking strings, went through something like three guitars. Drummer with happy goofy smile on his face when he was beating the shit out of his drums. THEY. WERE. BAD. ASS. Highly recommend. (Left the venue before we could purchase albums, boo hiss. Must acquire music by some other method.) Anya Marina second act. Fabulous trumpeter from Blind Pilot accompanied her for first song.

METRIC FUCKING AWESOME. But we knew that. Emily has amazing energy on stage, and looks fabulous in a sparkly dress with no back. Played many awesome songs, including Twilight Galaxy, Help I'm Alive, Satellite Mind, Poster Of A Girl, Gold Guns Girls, Dead Disco, Handshakes, Sick Muse, and Monster Hospital. The crowd was packed but largely very polite. Some unavoidable jostling, but in good spirits. Jostling mostly shuffled me closer to the stage and into spots with better views, so I didn't mind. Floor in Crystal Ballroom extremely bouncy, it was like living going to a concert in a bouncy castle. Final song was Stadium Love; the crowd energy was immense, everyone jumping up and down and turning the floor into a trampoline. I caught some awesome air. Encore was Combat Baby accompanied only by an acoustic guitar and the clapping and singing of the crowd.

Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful. James and I had an awesome good time. So glad I went. Even though I turned into a popsicle coming home, and my hair's going to be awful to brush out, and it's REALLY REALLY LATE. ...I think I will catch a cab tomorrow, in the interests of sleep-getting.

...But first I'm going to do this meme. Because. All the cool kids are doing it.

In 2010, zolac_no_miko resolves to...
Give up swing.
Cut down to ten peter adams a day.
Give up movies.
Admit my true feelings to pumpkinmuffins.
Start a metanoia fund.
Stop camping with pewpewlazrz.
Get your own New Year's Resolutions:

Give up movies and swing? NEVER! Think I'm ok with the other stuff though.

Someone needs to update the year so we don't have to fix the code to make resolutions for 2010. ...HOW IS IT ALMOST 2010 ALREADY?! O.O ...Anyway. I don't think mine's as funny as some others. How did the thing manage to select two writing journals, instead of actual-people journals?
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