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As if, considering the subject material, I could possibly use a different icon.

So, today was a lot of fun. I went over to Lauren's and we got some work done on Aphelion, and tossed flecks of meat around for the bird, and made enchiladas, and schmoozed with her extended family, and watched the Survivor finale, and watched silly internet videos, and watched Merlin. So all of that was really really fun.

Plus, my first test-drive of Robin is, in my mind, a resounding success! He is just as much fun to play as I thought he would be, and I've only just scratched the surface of his silly little self. Also, dear_mun really pulled through. Right off I got a Terra, which is deliciously awkward. I've also got an Espio, lol. But, omg, I'm having the most amazingly adorable conversation with a Wonder Girl, I've got a Dick Grayson!Batman, and he and Robin are busy ANGSTANGSTANGSTOMGANGSTing at each other like only Batfamily can, and omg Koriand'r needs to come back because nothing says awkward!amazing like Teen Titans' cartoon Robin meeting Teen Titans' comic canon Starfire (the hair! the absence of clothes!), and I want to watch his brain implode.

AND he's talking to the Stepford Cuckoos, and the mun is KNOCK ON WOOD DON'T JINX IT interested in our game, so that's exciting to have someone we don't even know interested in our game already AND I don't know anything about the Cuckoos but the mun seems to have basic grammar and spelling down so that's promising AND the mun is considering potentially playing Poison Ivy AND if the mun brings Poison Ivy to our game we might have a Harley Quinn as well. TT_TT

AND I have fallen madly, madly in love with Deadpool. TTT_TTT Marvel, why are you so good to me?

...So! I AM HAVING SO MUCH FUN! ...Apparently I missed RPing. And damn we need to finish Aphelion post-haste because omg omg I want to plaaaaaaaaayy~! *bouncebounce*
Tags: aphelion, dear mun, merlin, robin, rp, so excited omg, teen titans, television
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