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I loves me my home, oh yez.

So, today was good fun. Again. And, another stunning day, despite the vog. I met up with Fluffy and family in downtown Hilo, then took them to Rainbow Falls. The falls were pathetic, man, I've never seen it so tiny. And Boiling Pots was more Pots than Boiling. But I told the appropriate myths and legends, and we saw three i‘o soaring over the Wailuku River, and Fluffy and I climbed the massive banyan tree back under the mangoes.

Mom played hooky from work and joined us for a Thai food lunch at Chiang Mai, next to Kalakaua Park. Then we stopped by Kope Kope to pick up some sandwiches for dinner, and so Carol could get some local coffee (ProTip: the owner of Kope Kope Espresso, coffee expert and longtime Kona resident before moving to Hilo, says that, despite the celebrity status of the Kona coffee brand name, people who try Hilo or Ka‘u coffee never go back to the Kona). Then we all piled into their rental Suburban and headed up the hill to Hawaii Volcanoes National Park.

Mike and Emily hit the Visitor's Center and Steaming Bluffs while the rest of us did the Kilauea Iki hike. Much natural history was lectured upon, much steam was vented upon us, and much ‘ohelo berry was consumed. We saw a bunch of ‘apapane as per usual, but nothing truly exciting in the wildlife department otherwise, although Fluffy did find a Kalij pheasant in some ginger. There were some pretty dramatic views from the edge of Kilauea Iki of the Halema‘uma‘u steam plume joining up with the lowering clouds in the late-afternoon light. We joined up with Mike and Emily for Nahuku/Thurston Lava Tube and a quick trip to Jagger Museum to see Kilauea Caldera and Halema‘uma‘u in the last of the failing light. Truly, truly dramatic looking, all billowing steam and lowering clouds.

We headed back down the hill and drove out to Kalapana to view the lava ocean-entry. ...I have seen better shows (oh gods, I sound so blasé about the lava). The lava was a quarter, half-mile off beyond the County's safety ropes (unapproachable due to the potential collapsibility of the lava bench); it glowed, and billowed, and did its quiet, meditative, land-building thing in the distance. I'm glad we brought the binocs. At least with the spotlight full moon we didn't even need flashlights on the black rocks. Seriously, the thing was so freaking bright. I had color vision.

So anyway. That was fun. I had a big happy grin on my face the whole day. Oh man, I love love love love love my island.

Happy Old Year, guys. Here, have a meme. Or something. Stolen from sirona_gs.

You are a Chibi Seme!

You are the seme in disguise. Able to fit in and get along with uke and seme alike, you are able to get close to the uke on their level before exerting your dominance. This makes you at times manipulative and able to fool others about your true seme nature. Because of your harmless appearance, it takes the flamboyant Flaming Uke to match wits and really bring out your aggressive side to expose you for the seme that you are.

Most compatible with: Flaming Uke, Badass Uke

Least compatible with: Dramatic Uke

What seme or uke are you? Take the experience at, or find merchandise here.

...This doesn't sound like me at all. Especially after reading the more detailed personality profiles for Chibi Seme, Flaming Uke, and Badass Uke on the site. Although, having read the personality profile for the Dramatic Uke, I totally agree we are not compatible. Sound like one of my ex-boyfriends, anyone? Much love to you, but we would've made a crap couple.

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