Angela, Zolac no Miko (zolac_no_miko) wrote,
Angela, Zolac no Miko

CAUTION: This game may cause explosive decompression.

Today has been a day for small things that I nonetheless find very exciting.

Excitement the first. Hanging with Lauren and Penny is always fun. I watched Lauren toss bits of meat for her, which she chased and even, once or twice, caught in mid-air. And she caught the lure before Lauren even had a chance to swing it properly, by flying to her head hopping down on it from about a foot away, the little cheater. What was exciting, though, was when she needed a bit more food in the evening. Lauren took half the meat and the glove, and I took the other half of the meat and the whistle, and we stood on opposite ends of the room to see if we could get Penny to fly back and forth between us for her tidbits. She'd never done this before but she went straight to it with no hesitation, which I thought was awesome. So that was exciting, and fun.

Excitement the second. The reason I was at Lauren's was, of course, to work on Aphelion, as we have been since FOREVER. Well, we worked all day, and at the end of the day we realized... we don't really have any more work to do! We've got to polish a few things, tie up some odds and ends, and post our missing bits to the comm, and then we're DONE. So we plan to meet Wednesday or something to do just that, shanghai a few friends to beta for us, and then omg cut the ribbon and open her up for apps! TT_TT She will indeed be a January baby!

So here's me, heavily promoting.

As you can see, safety is our primary concern on Icelus. Tell me you wouldn't want to join a game where we take such good care of our colonists.

And in the spirit of promotion, post the second on dear_mun. Feel free to poke, if you so desire.
Tags: aphelion, dear mun, falconry, kestrel, penelope, robin, rp
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