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All you need to know about this band is THEY SET THEIR WASHBOARD ON FIRE.

So. Will came over and we hung out, and then we were bored and it was only 9-something, so we're like, "Uhhhh we could watch something, or play video games, or HAY WE COULD GO OUT SOMEWHERE ON A SATURDAY NIGHT. So we looked at Dante's schedule to see if the band looked like it might be good, and there's a banner for The Reverend Peyton's Big Damn Band. Will takes one look at the banner and goes, "Is he holding a banjo? That's a good sign!" ...This is why Will is awesome.

So out to Dante's we went. We got there just as the opening band was finishing their set, bought a couple of beers, and went to stand up front. And then the Big Damn Band came on, and they were indeed a Big Damn Band. Emphasis on the DAMN.

They're not Big in numbers; there's only three of them: the Rev on guitar and lead vocals, his wife Breezy on the washboard, and Rev's cousin Aaron on drums. The Rev's got an epic beard, Breezy's got hot black and red biking or driving gloves modified with thimbles on the fingertips, and Aaron's got... a five-gallon plastic bucket.

...Which he uses to great effect. Because what the Big Damn Band is Big on is Sound. GOD DAMN. They play sort of Roots mixed with Country Blues, and man I have never heard Country rock so hard. Or Blues. Or When The Saints Go Marching In. Rev's a GOD on the Resonator and acoustic guitar, DAMN that man can finger-pick! And meanwhile Breezy's rocking the washboard like it's a fucking electric guitar. ...Seriously, these guys were just a little bit metal. Rev's sticking his tongue out as he riffs, and kicking the cymbals, even kicking the cymbal stand over at the very end, and Breezy's shredding the washboard over her head, and swinging it out over the crowd, and SETTING FIRE TO IT in the last song. ...And then Rev's on the harmonica, and then they bring out Flogging Molly's banjo player for a couple of songs, and fdjkhlbergradhzjklfs CAN I GET A HELL YEAH?! HELL YEAH!!

So we all spent the whole time jumping up and down and dancing like maniacs and screaming at the top of our lungs about two bottles of wine and mama's fried potatoes and how it sure feels like rain. It was EPIC FUN. Also, their van has steer horns on the hood.

...I bought three of their albums.

So far the albums are awesome, but they don't have the same kick-ass effect of the live show. Which I expected. I just really felt they deserved my money. ...Although, there is a pretty nifty Peyton family recipe for Persimmon Pudding in The Whole Fam Damnily.

...And now I am covered in sweat, and desperately need a shower and BED.
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