Angela, Zolac no Miko (zolac_no_miko) wrote,
Angela, Zolac no Miko

I dreamed about Samuel L. Jackson being a scary mofo. Go figure.

My dreams were so weird. I remember hanging out with The Flash, so that was cool. But that's not the weird part.

I had this dream where me and my friends (my high school friends, mind you, Jen and Cory guys) went to see a movie. It was some Tarantino flick with Sam L. in it (in 3-D, wtf). The style turned out to be sort of a cross between Tarantino and M. Night Shyamalan (back when he didn't suck)... Sam's role reminded me of his role in Unbreakable. He was this crazy rich guy who owned Disneyland or something, and he had guardianship over this scrawny white kid (by kid, I mean, about my age) who he'd raised since he was a small child. Sam was extremely overprotective of Scrawny; he never let him go out, he never let him do anything on his own, he just kept him on the amusement park. Scrawny was generally spoiled rotten, spending his whole life having people entertain him and hanging out with celebrities, but he had absolutely no concept of reality. Some other young rich guy who owned a business that was one of Sam's sponsors was hanging out with Scrawny while Sam was out of town for business (we'll call him Rich) and realized how messed up this kid was. So he snuck Scrawny out of the park so he could spend a day exposing him to the outside world. The kid was terrified of Sam's retribution, but he went along with it because he's used to doing as he's told. So they go out and watch a movie and eat foods that he's never had and drive around and party.

At some point they come back to the park and go to the house Scrawny and Sam live in (which looked suspiciously like my house in Hilo), I think to retrieve Scrawny's belongings so he can escape and never come back. But Sam returns while they're still in the house and they have to try and hide and escape without being seen because he's a freaking PSYCHO. Like, talks to himself, speaks French frequently just because he can, and can only conceptualize of the world in two dimensions. So like, if he's standing on one level of floor or ground, you just need to drop into a ditch or cling to the ceiling or something, and he can't see you even if he's standing right next to you. Under a bed is great too, because it would never occur to him to look under something. It's this weird mental thing; like, on some level he knows that you're there, but his brain won't let him see you. Also, if he hears you it's a similar kind of deal; he knows you're there, but he can't find you by following the noise. ...However, if he does see you, YOU GONNA GET STABBED.

So Scrawny eventually gets recaptured, and Rich gets stabbed but manages to get away and is still hiding in the house. Sam is very displeased with Scrawny, but forgives him for hiding. Hayden Panetierre comes over and cooks this meal which includes a number of things that Scrawny normally wouldn't eat. But Scrawny's personality is already changing, he's a bit more adventurous, so he eats it all with no problem. Sam is CONCERNED. Scrawny sneaks away in the night, finds Rich, and they try to escape, but for some reason Rich lets Scrawny drive, and Scrawny drives his car into a ditch. Sam, who has noticed Scrawny's absence, hears the noise and comes outside to look for them, and then it's all running away and hiding in ditches again.

...I woke up before I could see how the movie ends. Presumably they escape and Sam L. dies, and Scrawny and Rich become BFFs and live happily ever after. Or perhaps Sam L. stabs them all and says some creepy things in French. Who knows.

Anyway. IT WAS WEIRD. And actually almost coherent throughout.
Tags: dream
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