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Angela, Zolac no Miko

Rock concert... and probable date?

So the A.F.I. concert was great. The opening band, Ceremony, had kinda boring music, but I found their personalities enjoyable, and I had a front-row seat for the ridiculousness that was the mosh pit. Dar and I had fun hanging out with Grant, and chatting with the awesome people around us about Portland and A.F.I. and how sweet it is to have a Hellboy tattoo. Like, seriously, pretty much the whole crowd was great.

Then A.F.I. came on the stage, and a bunch of douchebags mowed me and Grant over on the way to the stage. Like, seriously, I thought I was going to be trampled to death. I have a bruise on one knee, and a big strawberry on the other.

A.F.I. was AWESOME. They played a really excellent set with most of our favorite songs, and they were lots of fun to watch. Especially Davey. Omg Davey, ilu. I had tons of fun jumping up and down and beating my fists in the air and screaming along to the songs with the rest of the crowd. Towards the end of the set the crowd shuffled this guy next to me, and he was loud and exuberant and happy, and he apparently thought I was hot shit because he started putting his arm around my shoulders. In a happy, companionable way. But totally also in a "hitting on hot rocker chick" way. I didn't mind... he was so happy! So I put my arm around his shoulders, and we jumped up and down like lunatics and danced and were happy. Dar kept being all, *elbowelbow* "HE'S CUTE!" *elbowelbow*

The very last song they played, at the end of the encore, was Silver and Cold. OHMIGOD YAY. I had been waiting and hoping all night, so when I heard the opening chords I screamed like a maniac. Happy Dude turns to me and is like, "THIS IS THE SONG THAT GOT ME INTO THIS BAND! :D" and I'm like, "OHMIGOD ME TOO! :D" ...So I rocked the hell out and screamed every line of that song with great enjoyment.

The music stopped and the lights came on, and Dar's like, "Get his number OR ELSE." So I hung about awkwardly for a few seconds, and sure enough he asks my name, and gives me his (Dan), and asks if I'd like his number, since we have the same taste in music and all. ...Which was classy of him, we thought. So I said sure, and now I have his number. ...And now I'm going to have to call him. OR ELSE. And I think I totally will. Like, I dunno, why not? How else am I going to meet guys in Portland?

Dar and Grant and I dropped by Dante's to grab some pizza and sodas. We sat outside and listened to the Karaoke From Hell inside... karaoke with a live band, which sounds pretty sweet, actually. ...Some of it was pretty atrocious, but this one chick did a good cover of Come Together, by The Beatles. We watched as some bums across the street had a fight, and a whole pile of cop cars showed up. But then we were done with our pizza and getting cold, so we left. And that is all.

Robin is talking to Rose Wilson. This should be interesting. Also, I posted with him at sixwordstories, for a change of scene and more aphelion_rpg advertising.

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