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Oh hay, it's my other LJ

Quick LJ update, since I've been missing for a little bit. Let's make an itemized list again, those are fun.

1. Lauren and I greatly enjoyed hanging with Melissa and her Dad in Corvallis. We watched all of the RT shorts. It was fun. The falconry meet was also fun, if a bit fail. Tiny children thought Penny was cute, which was observant of them. We followed the longwingers in an attempt to see a successful duck hunt. ...Attempt, I said. The winter meet is supposed to be the duck hunters' meet, but as Randy said, there was a lot of trying, no dying. The weather was gorgeous, which meant the ducks weren't sitting on the ponds... we spent half the day just trying to find them. When we finally did, bird was doing a good flight, but just as flushed the ducks, a FUCKING BALD EAGLE CAME OUT OF NOWHERE and tried to eat the bird. (Becca, I blame you.) Next pond full of ducks, excellent flight, nice stoop... but out of all the lovely ducks on the pond, bird wanted the FUCKING CANADA GOOSE. Damn near got it, too, but not quite. All of the other birds were completely fail, except for the last flight, which knocked some feathers of a duck, but didn't quite manage to kill it. A pheasant and a pigeon died in completely unsatisfying ways, and that was it. *sigh*

2. The reason I haven't been on LJ is Aphelion started up. YAAAAAAAY!! It's been gobs of fun so far. Starting roster: Robin (Teen Titans), Church (Red vs. Blue), Tex (Red vs. Blue), Edmond Dantes (The Count of Monte Cristo), Sam Carter (Stargate), James May (Top Gear), and Richard Hammond (Top Gear). Poor Becca's being eaten by her thesis etc. and had to immediately put Sweets (Bones) on hiatus (;_;) but when she comes back it will be AMAZING. And Lauren's bringing in Shadow (Sonic the Hedgehog) this weekend, and Carrie's got the Master (Doctor Who) on reserve, and the addition of these two will only increase the awesomosity. :DDDD

3. After playing phone tag with Dan for a week and a half, I succeeded in speaking to him. He was born in Hawaii, was a kid in So Cal, and has lived in Portland since he was 10. He has a cat named Lincoln who he found as a kitten on the side of the road and rescued from certain death. He loves music, likes to sing, enjoys karaoke, and just joined a band as a singer. He likes dancing, and Dante's. He currently makes money playing poker. ...We have vague plans to meet up sometime.

4. Having James May and Richard Hammond in Aphelion finally got me watching Top Gear, which I've been meaning to do for months and months. AND NOW I CAN'T STOP. I seriously love this show guys. T_T

5. The Saints made it to the Super Bowl. HELLS YEAH can I pick a winner! GEAUX SAINTS GEAUX!!

That is all, carry on. *goes back to watching Top Gear, the BEST SHOW EVER*
Tags: aphelion, falconry, geaux saints geaux, penelope, robin, rp, television, top gear
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