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...My cat is clawing at my sweatshirt. It's less cute than she thinks it is.


Man, that was an epic game! It was really close with lots of drama... the Colts had a ten-point lead in the first quarter, largely due to their quarterback's surgical precision with a football. The Saints got it back by pulling some ridiculously ballsy moves (short kickoff in a Super Bowl game, who does that?! :DD), and then there was that amazing interception and touchdown! When they scored a touchdown with three minutes on the clock, it was over. Final score 31-17, and the Saints win the Super Bowl for the first time in franchise history!! Man, can I pick a winner! The one team in all of pro football I decided to care about, and look at them now! :DDDDDD ...I bet half of New Orleans died of alcohol poisoning last night. XDD; Uncle Ivan said most schools were closed today, too.

Fun fact: last night's game was the most-watched program in television history. Wow.

So anyway, after a minor cold last week, I had a fairly fun weekend. Dar and I got caught up in Supernatural and The Vampire Diaries. I did a fun log on Saturday, in which I got Robin horribly injured. Whoops~! :DD (Watch him complain about it on dear_mun. He is reeeeaaallly pissed at me. XDD;) And then a bunch of us went to see Demons at Cinema 21. That movie was ridiculous. 80's slasher flick involving an evil movie theater full of demon zombies with amazingly bad lines and incredible scenes such as the hero and his new girlfriend riding over the theater seats on a motocross bike while stabbing demon zombies with a katana. And then there was the part of the movie where the ceiling started groaning, and Dar and I thought the theater was going to get all House of Leaves on them, but no, it was just a RANDOM HELICOPTER FALLING THROUGH THE CEILING, wtf. ...And then there was, you know, the Super Bowl.

I had the scariest dream last night. DD:

A bunch of us were in this cabin in this really rural area... I remember it was Dar and Becca and me, at least. We were students, or something, and we were there for school... study abroad, perhaps? Becca was my roommate. The area was a rural community, pasture land and macadamia orchards (I had a bit of a fourth-wall-breaking moment, when I was explaining to people that they were macadamia trees because I grew up in Hawaii and that's what I think of when I think of orchards) and forest with other cabins off through the trees. It was evening and we were getting ready to go to bed when we heard this indescribably horrible noise coming from the forest. It was inhuman and unnatural, a roaring, howling cry from a chorus of demonic throats. We looked outside and we could see strange creatures roaming about, something leopard-like with wings, and something with a bison's head on a body somewhat like a horse and somewhat like a camel. ...They don't sound very scary how I've written that... I can't possibly describe to you how horrid and unnatural and demonic these creatures seemed, and they were everywhere. After a bit we started hearing screams, human screams of agonizing pain and horror, coming from off through the woods. A party of us went to investigate, and we found one of the other cabins with bloody bodies strewn about, people torn apart by these creatures while they were still alive. We hurried back to our cabin to wait out the night.

By morning the noise had stopped, and the creatures had disappeared. We went out to investigate, and found the surviving townsfolk near this old church. They told us that this she-devil/undead witch was inside the church, and that what had happened in the night was the result of demonic forces that had impregnated the witch. They told us that she would give birth in a hundred years to a demonic creature of unspeakable evil. Everyone had gathered to build a wall of stone around the church; they were going to box the entire building in, and a priest was standing by to place a magical seal on the stone structure that would keep the witch and her demonic progeny from escaping. We all hoped that future generations wouldn't excavate through the stone and release the witch and her demon child, for the violence it would unleash would be monumentally greater than what we had witnessed in the night....

At this point in my dream, I "woke up". I was still in a cabin in the woods with my friends, and Becca was still my roommate. We were on vacation or something, though. It was dark and windy outside and the house was creepy, and Becca was really freaked out and scared for some reason. I insisted on telling everybody about my freaky dream, which I'm sure didn't help. She didn't want to sleep by the window or by the door, so I slept by the window and we slid her mattress over next to mine so she wouldn't be alone.

...Some other things happened, but that was the gist of it. Anyway, that first bit before I "woke up" was really creepy and terrifying, and a lot more coherent than my dreams usually are. I mean, it still had moments of dream nonsense, but on the whole it held together pretty well. Made for a pretty excellent horror-movie scenario.

Will and I have plans to go swing dancing tomorrow, FINALLY. So that should be fun.

Also, Lauren and James, this is for you. I apologize for inflicting Lady Gaga on you, but listen to this. ...And then think of Old Gregg.
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