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Last night I dreamed the world ended. ...Kind of. The world as we know it, anyway. We did it ourselves, at least mostly on purpose, though I'm not sure why. For some reason we had to induce some sort of global earthquake. I was at home in Hilo at the time (sort of... sometimes it looked like Hilo, occasionally it was more like Honolulu, Portland, Vietnam, or somewhere entirely made up), so I was with my mother (and this other random dude) at the time. We'd had to do this before a few decades ago, so my mom had seen it before and could tell me exactly what to expect, except, I dunno, it was gonna be worse this time. Mom and Random Dude and I were going to watch from my house, but then Random Dude took us up in an airplane... I guess he was a pilot. The earthquake started and it was so strong we could feel the shaking in the air (...somehow...). We could see everything below us shaking and shaking and shaking, buildings falling apart and fires starting. The global earthquake was messing up the air currents, so on top of the air shaking somehow we had to deal with the most intense turbulence ever, and Random Pilot Dude had a lot of trouble keeping us in the air. After we almost crashed several times, the first shock was over. The second shock came shortly afterward, but it was shorter and not as intense. Then, as the sun was starting to set, the tsunamis came, taking out everything on the shoreline, but putting out some of the fires.

Later the next day, presumably, the world had changed. People were flooding to the harbor and airport, desperately trying to escape Hawaii, as there were too many people, not enough food. They'd reactivated the Superferry, which was sitting in Hilo Bay, overflowing with people and preparing to leave for the mainland. I was going to be leaving that evening; I already had an airplane ticket to Portland which I'd bought months ago, since I'd planned an ordinary holiday visit home. It was impossible to get new tickets at the moment, so I was going to have to leave my parents (and Random Pilot Dude... mom's current boyfriend? What happened to Don?) behind. My plan was to head into the Rocky Mountains from Portland, where it was less crowded and I could live off the land. My parents would join me as soon as possible, but I was frantically terrified, with good reason, that I'd never see them again.

I had to get to the airport like three hours before my flight because it was a riot down there, and if I didn't make it through check-in and security and I missed my flight, I'd never be able to get another one. But I took the time to visit with my parents one last time. It was madness in town; somehow, Nature was already starting to take over. It was jungle everywhere, and the monkeys and lemurs (???) were starting to get bold. Everyone seemed to have guns, and they kept trying to shoot the monkeys and lemurs (seriously, wtf?) for food, but the monkeys and lemurs would throw rocks and coconuts, so they were pretty dangerous. I managed to find my Dad; he'd been planning ahead, and had gotten himself involved in a tobacco company. He was going to be a farmer, growing and processing tobacco. Which I thought was really clever. Tobacco would be expensive; people would be willing to trade food for cigarettes. It wouldn't be as risky as growing food, however; it was no good stealing tobacco at gunpoint before it was processed (in my dream, processing tobacco was a difficult and involved procedure).

...Then my alarm went off, so that was the end of that nonsense.

Old news on dear_mun... THIS was the most amazing freaking crack, ohmigod. Um, spoilers for FMA manga? Maybe? I dunno that it spoils anything, so much as makes everything better. I dunno, I'm not caught up, and I just barely know enough to understand what's going on. BUT IT'S AMAZING. Also, for my own reference, Robin spoke with Kim from Deathproof, ahahaha amazing!! The conversation turned out to be much more entertaining than I thought it would be when Kim told Robin he could probably get stunt work. And then Robin spoke to Jason Todd (Miller!verse), which, yeah, is just about as awkward as you'd expect it to be.

I'm deeply obsessed with Top Gear (BEST. SHOW. EVER.), I'm madly in love with Richard Hammond, and guys, I want to share this with you, because it may be the best thing that's ever happened to me: html Comics, a free online library of over three hundred thousand comic books that at least claims, fairly convincingly I think, to be legal. TT_TT Oh my god you guys, this is seriously every comic ever. Although, they lag behind a bit on current publications, but who cares?! No more camping in Powell's for me! I'm reading my way through Teen Titans Go! right now, finally. Next on the agenda is finishing Fables, then... oh god, everything I can find with Deadpool in it I think, then every Batman comic ever, then... idefk, The Spirit?! Then EVERY COMIC EVER. ALL OF THEM. ALPHABETICALLY. ...James, bb, I love u. TTT_TTT

...Also, I really need a job. Like, I really do. ...But I don't waaaaaaaant one! T_T
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