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So. Stuff that's gone on since my last post.

The weekend before last, Dar, James, and I went to CC Slaughters, a nightclub in downtown Portland. A gay nightclub. So I can cross that off of my Lifetime To-Do list.

...It was a very gay nightclub. And it was AMAZING. This is my new favorite place in Portland. We got there at 10 to discover that they had $1 drink specials from 10-11, so we ordered as many as we could. Even better, there were free lollipops. It didn't take us long to befriend some gay boys... first an awkward but cute guy named Andrew, then the more flamboyant and outgoing guy who was flirting with him. I was amused to see that the dance floor was empty for the longest time, but as soon as they put Lady Gaga on it was packed. We danced with some guys, we danced with some girls, we met a lot of people but by now I've forgotten their names. I got a lot of compliments on my hair, my outfit, and my dancing, so that felt good. The group we ended up hanging with (a couple of the guys were kind enough to watch our stuff) seemed to be of the general opinion that I was adorable. ^_^ One of the two girls we were dancing with initially that adopted us into the group had the hots for me, and was very disappointed when she discovered in a whispered conference with James that I was, in fact, straight. But just to be sure she double-checked with me. XD; ...I felt kind of bad, actually. The story of my life: Angela, Breaker of Hearts.

I dirty-danced with Dar, and James, and handful of strangers of both genders. ...And then there was that one guy, The Slut. We spent the whole night watching him have sex-with-clothes-on with half the people on the dance floor, both genders. Then he got his hands on Dar. Then he got his hands on ME. I... I'm not sure I can articulate what that was like. That was definitely the dirtiest I've gotten with anyone, ever. I was completely dominated. ...I-I don't think I'm technically a virgin anymore. @_@

So anyway, that was a lot of fun. This past weekend involved a tsunami scare in Hawaii (nothing happened, the waves were tiny) and a trip to the Japanese Garden on Free-Admissions Day. We thought this was a fabulous idea since it had been such a mild winter, and all the flowers were blooming, and it was such a gorgeous day. ...Unfortunately, half of Portland had the same idea. The calming, peaceful affect of the garden was somewhat ruined by the noise and mobs of people EVERYWHERE. ...Oh well. And then Lauren and I went to the Jonathan Coulton concert, which was freaking EXCELLENT. Paul and Storm were the best opening act I've ever had the pleasure of seeing, and were worth half the ticket price by themselves. Seriously, I busted a gut laughing. And JoCo was, of course, amazing. And the lady who was doing the lights wins my eternal affection, because she was a snarky little firecracker. She'd do all these clever little visual puns with the lights, and when JoCo and Paul and Storm started joshing with her, she showed them who was boss by turning the lights out on them and threatening to crush them with the projection screen. Also the audience was amazing and outgoing and witty and fun.

...Also how did I not know that "I'm Your Moon" was about Charon and Pluto? IT MAKES SO MUCH SENSE NOW!! I loved the song before and now it's even better. And Lauren still wins for independently making the astronomy connection a few hours earlier when she suggested it was a good Aphelion theme song.

Speaking of Aphelion, if the addition of Carrie's Master didn't make me happy enough (you and he are brilliant, btw! <3 <3), my exploits on dear_mun have finally paid off, because I-pin's mun succumbed to temptation and joined the game! (Unfortunately, I immediately lost the game right after.) This is brilliant because I-pin is adorable, and with both her and the Master there will be lots of fun time-travel shenanigans. And I'm pleased for Robin, because now he has someone his own age to talk to, and we already know the two of them make good friends, and he has someone to spar with, and he has someone to be all impressed by his egotistical awesome self, and she's a girl, and she's cute, and once he's gotten over Starfire things are going to be HILARIOUS. ...Seriously, it's hard enough already to keep him from unintentionally flirting. ...NAUGHTY DICK GRAYSON. *swats him with a rolled-up newspaper* DOWN BOY.

...Speaking of segues dear_mun, Robin's been talking to a Sophie Hatter, an Aziraphale, and an AMAZING Marvin. Robin also felt the need to complain about his weird-ass mun. ...What? Is planning out the progression of my character's puberty really that strange? ...Okay, yeah, it kind of is. ^_^;; But he finally got to talk to a Tim (animated! :DD) and a truly excellent Joker, and there was a little Aphelion get-together with Richard and the Master as well.

......I have an interview at Parry Center on Wednesday. OH MY GOD WISH ME LUCK. I want/need this job like burning. T_T
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