Angela, Zolac no Miko (zolac_no_miko) wrote,
Angela, Zolac no Miko


Nightmares all last night. I think both of them were supposed to be movies I was watching, but I was in the action as well.

The first one involved sort of a poltergeistish ghost. I was in some fancy house and it was banging the table around and banging against the windows. It wasn't completely a poltergeist because we saw the thing a couple of times, all wispy and ghosty. It did not have a friendly look on its face. It was scary.

And then I was in some world full of demons, and for some reason fighting the demons involved blowing up a bunch of bridges. There were lots of other people in that dream, and lots of demons and monsters of all grotesque shapes and sizes, and there was a lot of running around to try to escape the demons and then hiding cupboards and stairwells and behind trees and hoping the demons wouldn't hear/smell/see you and come and eat you, because there wasn't any way to fight them, all you could do was hide and listen to them catch and eat someone else. And eventually I got to where the final, most important bridge was, and we had to hurry and clear all the cars and people off of the bridge so we could lay charges and blow it up, and my Dad was part of the bridge-blowing-up team because he's an engineer. We got the bridge cleared and guys ran onto the bridge from both sides and started setting up the charges, but we could hear the roaring from this gigantic demon approaching, and we could feel the ground shaking, and it burst out of the trees and charged onto the bridge and there were still people on it but we had to blow it up anyway. So that was sort of a victory for us but the demons were still around so it was more hiding in basements and closets trying not to be found and ripped into pieces.

...At this point the movie/nightmare ended and I met my friends outside. Dar had managed to pick up some guy AGAIN, which I thought was really unfair, and the random girl I'd ended up sitting next to/surviving the demon apocalypse with had picked up the random dude that was with us, so that was even more unfair. Two of the guys Dar had been dating were there and they were really jealous of her and New Dude. I ended up hanging out with the scary cougar lady from Cougartown and driving around in her really cool car. She was speeding and got stopped by two cops, a man and a woman, and she managed to flirt them into submission, so they got into the car too. The cops were also robots. Dar's New Dude, who was also a vampire, saw us all driving around and was really jealous, and Scary Cougar Lady played hard to get for a while but eventually picked up Dar and New Dude as well. We all went back to Scary Cougar's house which was big and up on top of a hill in the woods, and she had like six jacuzzis and a gajillion TVs, and we all were hanging out in the jacuzzis and presumably if I hadn't woken up we would've had an orgy or something. ...IDEFK, GUYS. @_@
Tags: dream, wtf
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