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Word Games

So Dar and Christy and I had a writing party. They picked five songs each (sort of randomly from their iTunes) with the idea that they'd write a ficlet for each song (not necessarily related to the song), within the duration of the song. They invited me to join in, so I did. Here's what came out of my brain and fingers... I'm not very good at this, so mostly they don't end so much as stop abruptly when I run out of time. Also, no promises about quality. Original fiction, although my inspiration may be indecently exposed in some of them. Also, some of the ficlets are sequels to other ficlets in the exercise.

Heartless - Kanye West - 3:30
The man advanced toward me with the black hood. My heart pounded. For the first time I began to feel regret. As the hood went over my head, however, I was achingly aware of how selfish my regret was.

The bitch had deserved it. There was no question about it. She had deserved to die.

What I regretted was getting caught.

I couldn’t see, but it was as if my other senses were heightened. My heartbeat shook me as the noose went around my neck. I could hear the creak of leather and rustling of cloth as the men moved around me.

They said some words. I wasn’t listening.

Spitting Venom - Modest Mouse - 8:27
“What the hell do you think you’re doing?” she spat. Blonde bombshell. Perfect face, perfect life. She acted like she had the right to dictate the actions of every person who swarmed around her, and it was obvious she believed it too.

Elizabeth was gone, and Mandy had stepped right into her shoes as if she belonged there. Presumptuous. As if Elizabeth could be replaced.

“…Me?” I replied. “Sitting down, eating lunch. Get your eyes checked, Amanda.” …So that was more attitude than I usually showed to these girls. It felt good.

“Did I say you could sit with us?” Mandy looked unimpressed. She also looked like she’d eaten a lime. It was much less attractive than she probably realized.

I felt my temper rising. “Who died and made you the fascist leader of this clique? …Oh right. Elizabeth did.”

Mandy looked as shocked as I felt. But I couldn’t stop.

“She’s gone one week and you’re throwing your weight around as if she were never here, like she was never a real person.”

A Man/Me/Then Jim (Alternate Version) - Rilo Kiley - 5:24
As I tossed back the remains of my brew Gin plopped another tankard down in front of me. I raised an eyebrow at him. “I didn’t order another one, Ginny,” I pointed out.

Gin had the grace to look apologetic. “Yeah, I know love. He did.” He pointed.

I didn’t look. “You’ve got to be fucking kidding me, Gin.” I did my best to look and sound my least impressed. “What’ve I told you about–"

The barkeep winced. “I know, I know… but he bought me one, too.” He smiled a little bit, and there was a question behind it.

I sighed. “Alright, who is this–"

A chair scraped and I reached for my dagger… then forgot about it as I looked into the grinning face of– “You!!”

It was the man from the woods. The man who’d tried to rob us. “Hello again!” he greeted cheerfully.

Confusion Boats - John Vanderslice - 3:42
This had to be a dream. It made absolutely no sense. I was standing in a world of sky. The wind rushed past me. The light was golden. Schools of glittering fish swam… flew?... past me. Beneath my feet… wooden planks.

I heard the snap of cloth… a kite? A sail. I was on a boat. And I heard laughter.

“What are you doing here?” she asked. I turned to face her delighted smile, her glittering green eyes, her waves of red hair. I’d never seen her before. Figures she’d be a redhead, though.

Entering Booty Town - Haley Bennett - 3:25
I tried not to look as panicked as I felt. She noticed anyway, and laughed at me. Great.

“Remember, we’re undercover, Wonder Boy. Try to act natural. Don’t worry, they won’t bite. …Probably.”

I shot her a glare. “I hate you.”

She laughed again. “You want the bar, or the tables?”

I took a deep breath, shook my head. “Tables.”

She shoved me. “Meet me on the dance floor in one hour. No excuses.”

Back To The Life - Spoon - 2:21
His feet jerked as he danced on the end of the rope like a marionette in a palsied hand. The thrashing died down to twitching, then stilled entirely. Jared stepped forward, felt for a pulse. Announced, “He’s dead.”

“Should we take him down?” asked Warren. He looked at Matthew.

The old man considered. “No. Leave him.”

It’s My Own Cheating Heart That Makes Me Cry - Glasvegas - 4:25
It was dark, and silent but for the hum of electronics and the hiss of static. I reached for the broadcast button, hesitated for a breath, pressed down. “…Can you hear me?” No need for names. I knew the answer was no. “I have a problem. There’s this girl.” I drew a shaky breath. “…Hell. I won’t blame you if you hate me. But… you’re not here. And… I’m not there. I don’t know how long it’ll be until I can come back… or if I ever will. And… she’s here. And I like her.” A bitter laugh. “You would too, I think.”

Love Gone Cold - The Hard Lessons - 4:10
How had I gotten here? How had I gotten to this point? I opened my eyes, looked through the smoky air, past the small crowd of slowly shuffling couples, to the slinky blues crooner just a bit too big for her dress but pulling off fabulous nonetheless. I turned my face, to the unstarched cotton collar and slightly sweaty neck, to the smell of Old Spice and a day’s unshaven bristle.

I didn’t know this man. It took me a moment to remember his name, even. I was appalled… horrified even, to find myself considering going home with him. He was handsome, sure, and a hell of a dancer. But he wasn’t you.

You! Me! Dancing! - Los Campesinos - 6:14
“Sooooo, what did you find out?” she asked me. Her breath was hot against my ear. She smelled of sweat and perfume and alcohol. How had I never noticed that mole, just below her collar bone?

Perfectly manicured fingers snapped in front of my eyes. “Earth to Wonder Boy!”

“Huh?” I lost the rhythm of the music, stumbling backwards into a back much broader than mine. Before I could look to see if I’d offended, she grabbed me by my belt (my belt!) and hauled me close, putting her arms around me. She peered at me with concern, then tossed her head back, laughing.

“Oh my God. Are you drunk?! You are, ohmigod you’re drunk!”

“We are in a bar,” I pointed out. She was dancing awfully close to me. I tried to distract myself. “Guy called Dan says he may have seen our girl.”

Haligh! Haligh! A lie! Haligh! - Bright Eyes - 4:44
When we heard her voice, he was smiling at me, that clever, confident, playful smirk he has. We were making plans. He was leaning in; I think… no, I’m sure he was going to kiss me, when we heard her voice.

His face went white, the smirk was gone. His eyes and thoughts were miles distant. And the next moment he was gone.

He’d told me about her, of course. I’d smiled past the jealousy every time. He’d told me he was over her, and I never believed him, but that was okay… she’d never show up here, would she?
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