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It's March 21st, which means it's Dick Grayson's birthday! At least, until they change the canon again. ^_^ So, happy birthday to the bestest Robin that ever was! *huggles him*

Richard's here hanging out, which is good fun. Last evening Dar made pasta from scratch, and the most amazing pasta sauce the world has ever seen, and really fantastic bread, and chocolate pasta, also from scratch, which we ate with strawberries and syrup and the caramel sauce she made and walnuts. IT WAS AMAZING I ATE SO MUCH OF IT AND THEN MY TUMMY HURT. Lauren came over as well and we watched Top Gear. It was good times.

Today (well, technically yesterday) it was beautiful (!) and sunny (!!) and warm (!!!), so Richard and Lauren and I went hiking in Forest Park, which was fabulous.

Then we had our Aphelion poker log, which was the most amazing epic failure due some stupid flash caching glitch that has been plaguing AIM for months. In 2 1/2 hours we managed to play one hand of Texas hold-em. Of course they started out with lots of banter and bickering, so there was that... we got partially through the hand and Hatter showed up, but she couldn't get into the chatroom. Lauren tried to invite her, and as a result got booted as well and couldn't get back in either. We spent half an hour twiddling our thumbs while she tried and failed to get in; eventually she made a new username and got in with that. By this point, however, it was almost bedtime for Paula, so we had to scramble to at least finish the one hand.

Meanwhile, in-game, the hand was also kind of a dismal failure. The flop was king of hearts, two of clubs, six of spades, the turn was queen of spades, and the river was a five of spades. I forget what everyone else had in the hole, but Robin had a ten of spades and a seven of clubs, and everyone had similarly dismal pocket cards; Church had the best hand with a pair of sixes. So the result was that everyone checked all the way through until the river, when Robin decided he could bluff having a spade flush and put fifty cents in. And he got away with it too... earning a grand total of fifteen imaginary cents (the small and big blinds, imaginary because they have no actual money to play with so the chips are worthless) and Church's track pants. ...YAY.

...So we're going to try to continue tomorrow, and we're all downloading Skype as a backup plan in case AIM hates us again. -_-;;
Tags: aphelion, food, living in the land of port, robin, rp, spring!, television, top gear
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