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Prepare for a rant of emo angry emoness. ...It's okay. I'm just venting.

So far 2010 has been really lame. This week has not helped. This week is, apparently, "Please Kick Me Again, Universe" week.

First, good things... watching Classic Who and depressing sci-fi movies with Lauren on my sick days was fun. Watching David Tennant play Hamlet on public television was amazing. This week's episode of Supernatural made me really happy (omg Crowley/Mark Sheppard I love you forever); today's episode of Doctor Who did as well (omg Eleven/Matt Smith I love you forever with a side of Moffat be my bff).

Bad things... got sick, lost my job, bla bla, I mentioned that already. I'm still sick, btw. Anytime my throat would like to stop hurting would be fine with me, thanks. And it would be nice if I could breathe well enough to get some exercise.

Yesterday... yesterday my computer, which has been fiddly all week, decided to go completely insane. When I attempted to restart and was unable for quite some time to get the damn thing to start up again at all, I took it in to the Apple store over in Bridgeport. I had to drop it off rather than hang out while a tech worked on it, as everyone else in the country was very excitedly trying to buy the new iPad. They called me back within a couple of hours to let me know that my hard drive had failed. So I shelled out $154 to have it replaced.

So whatever, it's all good, right? That's what my external hard drive is for. And the Time Machine software I've been using to back up my entire computer so I can, in theory, wave a magic wand and have everything returned to my computer exactly how it was before.

...Yeah no my fucking external picked the same week to stop working. It was working on Tuesday! As of yesterday, however, the fucking thing won't even appear on my or anyone else's computer. Which I confirmed too late to do anything about it until Monday, since LaCie tech support is only available business hours on business days.

So FML. I had better be able to get my data back and the cost had better be covered by my god-damn warranty or I will punch every last... everything in the face. I'm sick and fucking tired of crying this week. My eyes hurt and I've got enough snot coming out of me without that, thanks.
Tags: david tennant, doctor who, emo, hamlet, sick, suck and fail, supernatural, television
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