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Stalking my imaginary boyfriend Matt Bomer

My mad crush on/obsession with Matthew Bomer continues to grow. Having run out of White Collar episodes to watch/foist upon other people (I've seen every episode at least two or three times now), I've gone looking for other material. He plays Bryce Larkin (sexy CIA super-spy) in Chuck, so I watched the first two episodes. It's just about as thoroughly mediocre as I thought it would be. I gave up in disgust and went back to watching episodes from the first season of Bones for a day or two. ...Aaaaaand then I decided I couldn't live without Matt Bomer in my life, so now I'm watching only the episodes that have Bryce Larkin in them. XD; On the one hand, I guess I'm lucky he's a part-time character; on the other hand, I suspect the show would be a lot better if there was more of him in it. ...Check out this awesome clip of Bryce Larkin in the first episode. Go sexy Dick Grayson Matt Bomer go! With bonus Jayne Cobb. ^_^

I'll have to check out Traveler when I'm done with Chuck; I did some research and it looks interesting. I absolutely refuse to watch the soap operas. Sorry Matt, I don't love you that much. ...Also oh gawd it looks like he's going to be in some godawful romantic comedy called What's Your Number?, along with Chris Evans and Zachary Quinto. "A woman looks back at the past twenty men she's had relationships with in her life and wonders if one of them might be her one true love." ...Excuse me while I go throw up in a bucket.

In other news... had an interview with Netflix but can't take the job because I don't have a car. Working on applying for an AmeriCorps conservation-oriented job that prolly doesn't pay much but would be challenging and enjoyable and good for me. Still hoping to hear from Starbucks.

I've got memes to do but I think they can wait for a time that is not 2:30 in the morning. I should be asleep, like Dar's dad (he's visiting). I can hear him snoring, hee hee~!

Ta for now.

EDIT: Okay no, no amount of Bryce Larkin will ever make this show better. This will not stop me from stalking Matt Bomer in every episode in which he appears.
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