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O hai I'm alive, really I am

Whoo, so I really don't have time for this. I haven't even had time to look at my rp. I'm such a bad mod. ...But I feel a life update is necessary at this juncture.

Dar's dad was here twelve days, he left on Monday. He and Dar and I drove down to California last week and spent a couple of nights in a cabin on the edge of Redwood National and State Parks. We discovered that Grant's Pass is the most ridiculous town in existence. We counted six... SIX... Dutch Bros, and the hardware store has hammajang pillars and sells Lady Anti-Monkey Butt powder. We saw many wildlifes including elk, sea lions, seals, and giant trees, and stayed up late reading ghost stories. In the town of Orick Dar and I ventured into the epitome of all biker bars to try some elk chili. We ended up attempting to win free drinks for life by drinking a pint of Stella faster than the barkeep, and joined hundreds of others in loserdom (as evidenced by the two $1 bills stapled to his ceiling, signed by us, stating I AM A LOSER). This guy doesn't even have to swallow. He just stares at you until you're halfway down your own glass, and then he opens his mouth and the beer disappears down his throat. ...I totally out-manned Dar, both in beer-drinking and chili-eating. Ha.

The chili was delicious, btw.

As of Monday, I am hired again. Epiq, again, this time data entry, swing shift (3:30p-11:30p). I wasted no time at all in finding my fellow geeks. Geoff is into Doctor Who, the IT Crowd, Cowboy Bebop, and Fullmetal Alchemist, and I carpool with him (which is good, because at those times it would take me an hour and a half to go by bus, instead of, like, ten minutes by car). Logan is also into Doctor Who, Red vs Blue, The Mighty Boosh, and Batman (including The Animated Series and Batman Beyond), and we spend breaks and lunch geeking out at each other.

Today I went downtown and got my data back, FINALLY. He retrieved the data, but for some reason whatever it is that organizes the data and labels it was irreparably damaged, so I've got a pile of anonymous .jpg's, .avi's, .doc's, .mp3's, etc. He's given it to me on a loaner drive, and he's letting me take a good look at it before we decide how much I should pay him. It won't be any more than $150 though.

I managed to get my shift changed on Friday, so James and I are going to the Ok Go concert. HELLS TO THE MOTHERFUCKING YEAH. Finally. I've been dying to see this band live. T_T

And, finally, I made a last minute decision to go to Seattle for the Northwest Folklife Festival this weekend, and I'm dragging Will and Richard along with me. We're still working out the details... like, where we're going to sleep. -_-;; I think I have it taken care of, though... I'm like 90% sure we can crash at Isaac and Eli's place. I'm just waiting for Eli to check with his brother and call me back. ...One way or the other, though, it will be an awesome weekend. I expect to come back having worn my feet entirely off dancing. :DD

Fffff 45 minutes before I have to leave for work. I'd better grab some lunch. Stay awesome, LJ.
Tags: concert, epic adventuring, geekery, job, living in the land of port, ok go
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