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Fuzzy Glowing Guitars with Lasers (or, My Brain is a Parfait, Teehee)

So, update on what I've been up to since my last post.

The Ok Go concert. EFFING AMAZING, BRO. They are just about as completely awesome live as I expected them to be, not that I could ever really be prepared for the experience. Blizzards of confetti periodically shot out from behind the stage and over the crowd. They (mostly Damian) were totally cool and interactive, chatting with the audience and telling stories and getting us to participate. This one guy Nick was wearing a shirt that lit up in reaction to noise levels, so Damian pulled him up stage and messed with it for a while, then had him lead us in glowy-technology waving in their next song. Damian reached down into the audience and grabbed someone's camera, took a picture of all of us waving our phones and cameras, and handed it back. He took a picture of us with his own camera for their Facebook page. I wasn't able to tag (apparently there's a limit of fifty tags per photo), but you can totally see me. I'm in the front of the crowd on the left, holding a red umbrella in one hand and throwing a shaka with the other. Damian came out into the audience several times, including performing Last Leaf from the middle of the crowd. Holy wow I love his voice. He can sing to me always. Especially Skyscrapers, damn that screaming is sexy stuff. They did What To Do with handbells, and when a guitar string broke on a guitar they needed for the next song, Damian and Tim stalled for time by performing a scene from Les Miserables, which was AMAZING and quite possibly the best thing I've ever seen. With the exception of the encore. That was even better. They turned off all the lights and filled the room with smoke, and came out with jackets that lit up in the back, scrolling letters down like a slot machine until it spelled out OK GO, and then they turned around and the lights came up and they had FUZZY GUITARS THAT GLOWED RED AND GREEN AND HAD LASERS SHOOTING OUT OF THE ENDS. Guys, it was FUCKING EPIC. ...If you ever have a chance to see these guys live, totally do it. Oh man I love them so much. I've been listening to their new album almost non-stop for like a week and a half... although that might also be because that's the only music I have in my iTunes right now. : \ ...Also, you should totally watch their second video for This Too Shall Pass. Yes, they have two. And the first one is amazing but this one is EVEN MORE AMAZINGER. ...I want to marry these guys. All of them. Like, the whole band.

So anyway. The next morning I hopped into a car with Will and drove up to Seattle, where we hooked up with Richard and spent all of Memorial Day weekend at the Northwest Folklife Festival. I danced myself half to death doing French country dancing, Irish set dancing, Scandinavian dancing, international folk dancing, contra, swing, and capoiera. The entire lower half of my body was SO SORE AND TIRED OMG. But, no blisters! I did some pretty amazing swinging with this one guy at contra, like holy crap the g-forces. If our hands had slipped it would've been INSTANT DEATH as we were flung through the walls. For serious. It was awesome. <3 contra. And of course I loved every minute of the swing dancing. I had several quite excellent partners. My very first partner was this little old man in a red plaid shirt. He was seriously tiny, shorter than me, and ancient and wrinkled. I was dubious when he asked me to dance, because he could barely move his legs; he sort of shuffled me slowly onto the dance floor. BOY WAS I SURPRISED. No, he couldn't move his legs, but his arms worked just fine, and damn the old guy had some moves! He had a nice, firm lead, and I just sort of beamed in delighted bewilderment as he shuffled his feet, stared into space, and spun and twirled me all over the damn place. At the end of the song he asked me for a second dance and I was like HELL YEAH OLD MAN. Seriously one of the coolest experiences, and one of the best dance partners, I've ever had; I think he must've been dancing when lindy was invented. <3 <3 <3 swing. So yeah, that was fun, and also there was tons of good music, and of course the whole amazing spectacle of the thing. And the FOOD. I had food from the Horn of Africa, and Russian food, and this AMAZING cilantro salmon from an Indian cart. <3 Northwest Folklife Festival. ...And Sunday when we were all tired and sick and went back to the Ernst's home early, we ordered pizza and marathoned the current season of Doctor Who to get Will caught up, and that was fun too. ^_^

This Friday Dar and I and Becca (over IM) watched... drumroll please... Legion. OH GOD IT WAS HORRIBLE. But also hilarious. The three of us laughed for two hours straight. This movie... it has no plot. It is about equal parts angel-with-machine-guns and cliche, supposedly inspiring speeches. And it is full of rednecks (gators... grits... trucks...) and a guy named Jeep (HONK) and scenes that could be from other things (Terminator, The Matrix, Supernatural...) and Dennis Quaid's srs face and Nanageddon (where's Naboo when you need him?) and... and... AN ANGEL WITH MACHINE GUNS. But the whole experience is wasted because we didn't get to see Paul Bettany's ass.

Saturday Dar and I went out to the farms to pick strawberries, which was fun, especially since the weather was actually beautiful for once. And I watched Doctor Who long distance with Becca, and Dar and I went to Missy's birthday party, and then we stayed up late watching Grey's Anatomy and painting our nails.

Today (or yesterday, by now) I mostly hung around reading The Vampire Diaries out loud to Dar and watching Ten and Rose eps of Doctor Who with Will. ...Yes, I did say The Vampire Diaries. Dar and I read L. J. Smith back in the day, so when the show came out, we had to watch it. And then we had to buy the books (OH THE SHAME) and reread them. We're almost done with the second book. OH GOD THEY'RE SO MUCH WORSE THAN I REMEMBER. And, startlingly, the show is a huge improvement on the books. Dar and I have put together a drinking game for the books... one of these days we'll actually have to do the drinking. In case you want to play along, here's our The Vampire Diaries drinking game. YOU WILL BE DRUNK VERY QUICKLY, WE PROMISE.

Take a shot every time one of these occurs:
-"passion", "passionate", etc.
-"sensuous", "sensual", etc.
-"white neck"
-"ruined church"
-quivering, shuddering, trembling, etc.
-"Oh, Stefan" or "Oh, Elena"
-an unnecessary vocabulary word
-an unnecessarily ridiculous simile
-a recap of events that occurred in the previous book

Take three shots the first time the word "vampire" is used, and a shot for every subsequent use.

So yeah, there's all of that. I've finally come back to Aphelion, and am now trying to get things going again, but it's really hard to get all of us to play at the same time, fffff. This game, it is like herding cats. Been having a nice thread with Paula, though. But man oh man I need to do some advertising.

Finally, HAVE A MEME. I've done this one before, but, you know, it's fun.

Stolen from b_c_draygon:

The Six Icons Meme:
1. Reply to this post, and I will pick six of your icons.
2. Make a post (including the meme info) and talk about the icons I chose.
3. Other people can then comment to you and make their own posts.
4. This will create a never-ending cycle of icon squee.

One of my favorite scenes and lines from one of my favorite episodes of The Mighty Boosh. Men kissing. Gotta love it, even/especially if it's comedy. I feel like this sort of thing happens less frequently on American TV. Thank Zolac for the Brits. I use this icon for Boosh things and when deep, powerful, molten sexual tension applies.

More men kissing. It's hard to avoid, 1/5 of my icons are men kissing. Lol. This is from the webcomic Metanoia, specifically from this gorgeous minicomic Jesse and Rah did as a prize for the winner of a Valentine's Day fanart/fic contest. ...The linked material may not be work safe, although there are no actual naughty bits featured. I think my icon sums it up pretty well, actually. Men kissing. And blood. ...I use this icon when I'm really happy about something.

Ahahahahahaha yes. Well. This icon is something that actually happened to me. I had Dar and Lauren with me, and I was driving Chris' station wagon to north Portland to pick her up after work. And I exited off of the highway, and traffic was backed up on the off-ramp, so I had to slow almost to a stop. Asshat McTruck behind me didn't like this, and it was riding all up on my ass and blew its horn at me. And it was like MNWRRRRRRRRRR! And I tried to explain very angrily to Asshat McTruck that I was sorry for offending it, but could it please get off my case, because I really had no choice but to put on the brakes, because goddammit there were cars in front of me that I really couldn't just plow through. But, as Dar pointed out to me, ASSHAT MCTRUCK NEEDS NO EXCUSE. ...MNWRRRRRRRRRR! ...So anyway, yeah, when we picked up Chris we were all laughing like loonies and Chris was really confused. And when we got back to the apartment Dar and Lauren wasted no time in finding a picture of a truck from the exact same Asshat McTrucking company and making a icon of it. I use this icon when I am, or someone else is, being an Asshat McTruck.

Everyone's favorite psychotic Time Lord: the Master, John Simm-flavor. I have this icon because I desperately needed some Simm!Master in my LJ, goddammit. I use this icon for Who/Master-related things, or when telling people to stfu.

One of the best scenes in The IT Crowd. ...For some reason I have two .gif icons, and they are both from The IT Crowd. I guess that show has too much awesome to be contained in a single frame? I use this icon when I am, or someone else is, being stupid.

Hee~! Bow-ties are cooool~. ...One of my newest icons. I decided I desperately needed an eleventh Doctor icon, because Matt Smith is fucking adorable and I love him. Always have, from the day they announced he was to be the next Doctor. As soon as I laid eyes on him, pretty much. Even more so now that I've seen him action. ...Anyway I ended up getting two Eleven icons, because I just couldn't choose. I actually like the other one better (so pretty!), but I went into the search hoping for a good shot of him making a silly, adorkable face, and this one fits the bill. I use this icon for Who-related things, and when things are awkward.

Okay that's it OHMIGOD I need to sleep now. TT_TT
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