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Fangirling all over the place

Okay, so I was looking up Jason Todd on Wikipedia because I realized that I know very little about him in his Red Hood period (and that's just tragic), and I accidentally unintentionally stumbled across this bit of fabulous news that I somehow failed to hear about until now.

They're making an animated straight-to-DVD movie called Batman: Under the Red Hood. In which, Neil Patrick Harris voices Dick Grayson/Nightwing, and Jensen Ackles voices Red Hood.

How excited am I? SO FUCKING EXCITED OMG! Like seriously, since I found out this afternoon I have been in such a good mood, but also antsy and bouncy and flaily and twitchy and trying not to hyperventilate. SO. EXCITED.

The movie's set to release on July 27 WHICH IS NOT SOON ENOUGH IF YOU ASK ME.

In other news, I have really become a fan of the Red Robin series. Because I love Tim and his adorable little face and his adorable little brain to itty bitty tiny bits, and also the writing is great and the art is fantastic and omg exciting things are happening. This might be a comic I might actually have to read as it comes out. I just read RR 13 and am busy spazzflailing about that too. TIM DRAKE WHAT ARE YOU UP TO? And whose face was CONVENIENTLY hidden behind his head in that last panel? I WANNA KNOW!!! DAMN YOU DC YOU ARE ALL HORRIBLE PEOPLE!!

EDIT: OH I REMEMBER WHAT MY OTHER DC FANFLAIL WAS ABOUT! I already told probably the only person who cares in the comments, but even so. Somehow I forgot or maybe didn't know at all that Michael Fassbender is going to be in the Jonah Hex movie. WHOO FASSBENDER! So with him and Josh Brolin and John Malkovich in this movie there are some pretty good actors. Which should make up for my super-hot girlfriend Megan Fox being in it, too. Jonah Hex opens June 18, woohoo yay!

Finally, a meme.

Stolen from b_c_draygon:

Comment here and I will give you a color. Then, in your journal, list ten things you love that are that color.

The color she gave me was YELLOW, so here goes.

1. Bananas. (Bananas are good!)
2. Pineapple.
3. Starfruit.
4. Cheese. ...Notice how the first four things on this list are foods. Do you think this says something about me as a person?
5. Sunlight.
6. Robin. ...Hey, yellow's one of his colors, anyway.
8. Faye Valentine. By which I am referring to her CLOTHES, actually, get your head out of the racist gutter. And yeah okay they're gold close enough shut up.
9. Dandelions.
10. Palila. ...They're a kind of adorable native Hawaiian bird I did my thesis on HERE HAVE A PICTURE awwww aren't they precious?
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