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Okay, so never mind that it's well past my bedtime and I don't have time for the internet these days, Dar and I just watched the first episode of Sherlock, and in the absence of the ability to lick Steven Moffat all over (aaaaaaaalllll over) I find that I am simply compelled to post a spazzflail about it. Benedict Cumberbatch, your brilliance in your portrayal of Holmes is only surpassed by the sheer, ridiculous badassery of your name. In fact, I think from now on I will always refer to you by your full name, Benedict Timothy Carlton Cumberbatch. Gods bless your parents. ...Martin Freeman, you are equally as brilliant as Watson, and I do believe I shall one day get over the fact that you remind me very strongly of John Simm (are you perhaps his secret brother?).

WHY ARE THERE ONLY GOING TO BE THREE EPISODES? Tell me there will be a second season, and it will be longer.

Okay so first off, is it just me or is Holmes as flamingly gay as a tree full of fruit bats on fire? ...Actually I know it's not just me, everyone's noticed. Including the other characters in the show. And he comes half a hair's breadth away from actually saying it... so, either it's canon, or they're going to play it up and then pull a Snakes on a Plane on us, or they're going to play it up and leave it unresolved. Either way, HIGH FIVE, MOFFAT. (And I suppose Gatiss should get some credit... if only because he did a fab Mycroft.)

Secondly, is it just me or is Sherlock Holmes the Doctor's long-lost, human, sociopathic twin? He kept having Doctor moments! Like, first off, obviously, there's the whole, "Danger and intrigue and grisly mysteries, yay, let's go run around a lot with my companion!" thing. And he likes to insult species when he's cross. "Tiny little human brains, how do you get around in those things?! SHUT UP STOP TALKING I'M THINKING." And then bursting in on that innocent cab passenger and being all, "We're doing a special on television faults in this area. ALSO CRIMES." And I couldn't help pointing out to Holmes when he FINALLY, very SLOWLY figured out that the killer was a cabbie that there was obviously a low-level perception filter or maybe he's just THICK. ...That was the only part that was a bit of a letdown. Did anyone not know it was a cabbie by at least the restaurant scene? And know that it was the cabbie Mrs. Hudson kept trying to tell him about? ...I guess everyone has brain farts, but... but but but this is Sherlock Holmes! I want my Holmes to be smarter than me! ALL THE TIME!

Finally, I'd like to clear something up for all of you, in case you weren't sure... both pills were the Bad Pill, obviously. The cabbie spent the last few years building up an immunity to iocane powder. Trufax.

Those of you in the spoiler handicap zone, see it, ohmigod see it, see it right now, see it, ohmigod.
Tags: fangirling, i heart the bbc, sherlock, sherlock holmes is a time lord, spoilers, television
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