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<3 Taekwon-do, or I'm Going To Hurt So Much Tomorrow

Today I stepped into a dojang for the first time since May. I am in craptacular shape; the workout just about killed me. But I stepped out into the rain full of happy endorphins, remembering why I love this sport.

I missed the tired feeling in the arch of my foot when I press a gas pedal or climb a stair. I missed the whole-leg ache of overworked muscles. I missed the slightly raw feeling in my lungs. I missed taking a hot shower and eating my dinner and feeling like I deserved it. I especially missed the feeling of shins that are bruised in multiple places.

I feel like I've been beaten with a large, heavy stick, and it feels fantastic.

...Also, I have massive Iron Man cravings. I'mma wash the dishes, then sit in my bed with a Tony Starkcicle and WATCH IT. :DDDD Super Heroes popsicles ftw!
Tags: taekwon-do, tony starkcicle is delicious~
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