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The tiny brilliant moments that make my day

Brilliant Moment the First: rediscovering for the millionth time that my iPod has a sense of humor. Angel by Massive Attack comes on; I turn the volume up and slip into my dark, creepy, sick and twisted scary!Timmy place. My fingers are still typing, but my eyes are halfway closed and I'm in another plane entirely. The song winds down... and my iPod segues directly into Happiness by The Zippers. I had a silent laughing fit at my desk that nearly killed me. MOST INAPPROPRIATE MUSICAL LINE-UP EVER.

Brilliant Moment the Second: wearing my brand-new, never-before-worn Saints t-shirt to work, and discovering that their first game of the season is tonight. Apparently I am a psychic Saints fan. ...You know what this means, people. WHO DAT?! WHO DAT?! WHO DAT SAY DEY GONNA BEAT DEM SAINTS?! I am watching the game on live streaming video as we speak. Tuned in just as they were singing the National Anthem, aww yeah I'm just that good. Also, the Saints have already drawn first blood. 7-0, Saints. GEAUX SAINTS GEAUX!!! (Incidentally, they're playing the Minnesota Vikings. Not that I care, really.)

EDIT: I made nachos. I am going to sit and eat nachos, and drink cola, and watch football. ...Who is this person? Where did she come from? How did she get into my body? o_O

EDIT EDIT: I didn't feel like I was being ridiculous enough, so I went and put my Saints shirt back on. And all of my Mardi Gras beads. ^_^;;

EDIT EDIT EDIT: THE SAINTS WON, WHOO!! And ohmigod I am so full of nachos. @_@
Tags: geaux saints geaux, music, television, the saints
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