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Matt Bomer was in me my dream last night. He, or rather, someone named Adam who was played by Matt Bomer, was in a band, as was platoapproved's character Mal. I was friends with both of them. I went with Mal to get his ears pierced (they weren't pierced already wat? XD;); he got both ears double-pierced and then he wore the GIRLIEST EARRINGS EVER, like, all dangly and gold and floral wtf (also he wore them BACKWARDS). XD Then he and Adam's band had a concert, which I went to. Metric opened for them. The concert was freaking awesome. In between sets, or maybe afterward, I was hanging out with Cory, and she passed on some gossip. She told me that Kelly, Adam's girlfriend, felt threatened by me, and Adam had told her he didn't like me. I got all upset and made her tell me the whole story in detail. I had a crush on Adam (obviously... I mean he looks and acts like Matt Bomer and he's a motherfucking rockstar who sings and plays guitar) and I was really concerned with whether he meant he wasn't into me (which I could live with, I mean, I accepted he had a girlfriend and all), or whether he was ambivalent, or whether I annoyed him and he actively disliked me, which would've made me very sad. I think we determined he probably meant the former, but I wasn't sure, and I felt all worried and self-conscious, so I went to go look for him. Cory passed on more gossip, talking about how he and Kelly had taken a break last winter and probably would again this winter (they had a difficult, long-distance relationship); I couldn't quite help feeling pleased by this prospect, and hope that they'd actually split up. We didn't find Adam right away, but we found Kelly, and also Adam's two-ish-year-old daughter... Sophie, I think? We weren't sure what the story was with Sophie; she wasn't Kelly's, and we weren't sure she was actually genetically related to Adam. She kinda looked like him, but kinda didn't... she had dark eyes, dark, curling hair, definitely looked like she had some Middle Eastern something in her. She was gorgeous but very weird... she was obsessed with babies. Kelly was looking all harassed trying to keep her from abducting other people's infants; she was very brusque with me. She left Sophie with us briefly, during which time we had great difficulty keeping her contained. Adam showed up, also looking harassed... I couldn't tell if he was being edgy around me or just stressed out by Sophie, and I was VERY WORRIED about it.

...Then I woke up.
Tags: dream, matt bomer, omg fullmetal alchemist
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