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"Time of Power" my ass.

So this morning was TERRIBLE, for absolutely no good reason other than I'm PMSing and my hormones have made me temporarily insane. I overslept by twenty minutes. When I turned the light on there was a GIANT MOTHERFUCKING SPIDER chilling on my carpet. With no easy methods of capture within arm's reach, I decided to kill it, and dropped my Complete Works of Edgar Allan Poe on it, and went to get a paper towel. When I picked up the book, the spider was still VERY MUCH ALIVE. I dropped the book on it again, smooshed it around some, and went off to find a cup to catch the spider with. This time, however, it was quite dead, but I squished it (ecchhh...) with the paper towel just in case. By this point I was running quite late, and had to skip breakfast, or rather postpone it and chuck a banana and a plain bagel in my bag for the road. While in the kitchen I noticed that one of the measuring cups was MISSING, and despite the fact that I had absolutely no use for it at the time, I decided it was VERY IMPORTANT to try and find it. I couldn't find it. THIS WAS VERY FRUSTRATING. Back in my room, I opened my computer and saw that I had an email from my mother. It was completely innocuous, simply asking if everything is fine, as she hasn't heard from me for a while. But for some reason this was HORRIBLE... probably because it caused my guilt and anxiety about not calling my parents/looking at all 29 of those unopened emails in my inbox to resurface violently. And then I noticed my computer battery was not charging, which meant I had to take it with me to work and spend ALL AFTERNOON AND EVENING navigating TriMet to get to an Apple Store and replace the damn thing.

Despite skipping breakfast, I was late going out the door and had to run all the way to the bus, barely making it, what with, in between running, having to suppress tears/a panic attack resulting from my hormones making me completely incapable with dealing with all of the above. I spent the whole bus ride to work quietly flipping out and texting Dar, and the whole morning at the office in a terribly irritable mood. ...Stfu New Agers, my "Moon" is NOT IN ANY WAY my time of power. Powerful is the COMPLETE OPPOSITE of what I feel when my boobs hurt, my face is ugly, and stupid innocuous shit results in emotional meltdown.

Luckily, I discovered the cure for PMS. Better than chocolate, even. ROCK AND ROLL. I've been compiling a playlist on my iPod of Rock the Fuck Out, Guitartastic songs, and I listened to it all day with the volume up and rocked out at my desk and felt MUCH BETTER. Yay endorphins! So by the time Dar so kindly came to pick me up to save me the bus angst, I was pretty cheerful. And, she brought me a chocolate donut covered with chocolate frosting, and a giant chocolate brownie with chocolate chips, because she loves me. I inhaled them. I got my battery replaced, and we went to Burgerville, and I got a burger and a pumpkin milkshake. Having inhaled the giant pile of chocolate and milkshake, I am not even remotely hungry... so I'm gonna go to bed early, and have the burger for lunch. Chocolate and milkshake is a totally valid dinner option, right?

...Dar's taken off for California. She won't be back until the 18th, assuming she doesn't get eaten by a cougar, or starving New Age hippie females. What the hell am I going to do with myself for 18 days?
Tags: baaaw, fml, job, music, pms
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