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Music Spam

So the only Ludo I've ever listened to is their album You're Awful, I Love You, which has some pretty good songs, and some pretty goddamn freaking excellent songs. I figured I ought to look up the rest of their music if I'm gonna go see them on Tuesday. Their new album Prepare the Preparations is all pretty good... I'll have to listen to it some more to form a definite opinion, I think.

Broken Bride - EP, on the other hand... OH MY GOD. Love at first hearing. It is the story of a man whose fiancée dies in an automobile accident on a morning in May in 1989, their wedding day. The man, heartbroken, builds a time machine in an attempt to go back in time and save her. He ends up lost in time, searching for her. It is brilliant and fantastic and tragic and silly and BEAUTIFUL. I bought it immediately, and cannot recommend it enough. <3 Ludo, the crazy, ridiculous, poetical bastards.

Appropriate icon is appropriate, obviously. Is that the Cloister Bell I can hear at the end of Save Our City?
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