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James came over. We're having a sleepover! :D He keeps me company and brings me food, and in return he gets to use our hot shower. Tuesday we're both going to see Ludo; I'm so excited!

Tonight we had a mini-marathon of Jensen Ackles vs. Batman Batman: Under The Red Hood and some of The Dick Grayson Show White Collar Season Two.

I tried to do the dishes that have been sitting around since Friday night. The pile of potato, carrot, and beet peelings was apparently too much for the plumbing to handle; the pipes clogged up and started leaking, and the vibrations from the garbage disposal sprayed beet juice ALL OVER THE INSIDE OF THE CABINET. I turned in a work order; meanwhile our pipes are dripping beets into a tupperware.

*SIGH* This always happens when there's a huge pile of dishes that needs doing. ALWAYS. The leaking is new. Clearly Murphy couldn't pass up the chance, I mean, beet juice was involved. BEET JUICE.
Tags: batman, batman: under the red hood, concert, dick grayson, fml, ludo, movie, music, television, white collar
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