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I think we can rule Moses out as a suspect.

Okay, so. Just watched eps 2 and 3 of the new season of Supernatural. It really should've stopped with the last season, but I'm giving it a chance. And things are looking up! Dean's hunting again, yay. His reunion with the Metallicar was downright pornographic... TRY TO HAVE MORE EYE-SEX WITH YOUR CAR, DEAN. JUST TRY. Dean/Cas continues to write itself, recent events with Sam's car suggest that there really might be justice in the world, and the plot... hmmm. Either there are several plots going, or one really complicated plot that will tie together in some way that I don't understand yet. I'm actually kinda interested to see where this is all going. But it's definitely going.

In other news... I've done my usual thing where I sit at work and listen to my iPod and think about fandom stuff, and eventually I end up with a whole bunch of songs with fandom associations. I did it with Cowboy Bebop when I was rping Faye... now have the DCU version!

"Way Back Home" by Bob Crosby and the Bobcats - Tell me this doesn't remind you of the town of Smallville. Clark Kent totally grew up here.

"Big Girls Don't Cry (Personal)" by Fergie - Aside from the unfortunate references to "walking" and "baby steps" (TOO SOON! TOO SOON!!), this song is, imo, a perfect expression of Dick and Barbara's complicated relationship, from Barbara's pov, what with Babs holding him off at arm's length while she tries to get her emotional shit together. ...And she damn well better soon. OH EM GEE MY OH TEE PEEEEEEEEEE!!! T_T

Okay, this is where it starts getting complicated. And by "getting complicated" I mean "deviating from canon". We're delving into AU fanfic/headcanon territory here.

"Return" by OK Go - This is my anthem for Tim Drake and Connor Kent... if Kon hadn't come back from the dead. Which is a very fanfic sort of thing to happen, although I haven't written it and probably won't, as much as I love tragedy. And it is TRAGIC. *listens to song and SOBS*

"Angel" by Massive Attack - Y'all on my friends list should already know all about this, but it deserves a spot on this list. This used to be my tongue in cheek, el-oh-el wee!Tim Drake is Dick Grayson's creepy stalker, haha isn't it funny song. Now it belongs to scary!Timmy, and Tim can't have it anymore. Timmy doesn't really do "sharing". : \

"The Hero" by Ministry of Magic - *FACEPALM* This is so embarrassing. I almost didn't put it on the list, but. Bad enough this is Potter Rock... worse when I've taken Potter Rock and appropriated it for my own degenerate Teen Titans animated series AU/RP/headcanon purposes. The specific headcanon universe this pertains to is heavily inspired by my brief tenure at x_villainous_x. When I was in the game, the Joker had taken control of Gotham City, Batman was missing, and while there were a few other heroes and anti-heroes wandering around, essentially the Teen Titans, led by Robin, were the superhero presence in the city. And the Joker put a hefty bounty on them, so half the town was after them, and all of the Joker's bent cops, and... it was a bad time for the good people of Gotham. If I'd actually had time to rp, it would have been EPIC. ...Anyway, if you change a few lyrics in the song (and I do now, every time ^_^;;), it's a fantastic if embarrassingly sentimental GO ROBIN GO anthem for the situation, or some other situation in which Batman is missing and everyone knows it and Robin's really the only force for good when things are bad bad bad.
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